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I didn't even publish my last day in Paris post and well, it's too late now to even remember what we did.
Hence the reason for this blog in the first place.

It's been a crazy month.  While we were in Paris, the contents of our house were moved and we came home to the unpack.  Well the unpack and the jetlag which leave the remnants of this past month as a hazy blur.

Life has kinda been on hiatus as we got ourselves sorted over here.  I have barely seen my friends, I haven't been to the lake and I only had my first campfire this weekend.   So now that we're not living in and out of boxes, and we'll hopefully get a sliver of summer before the back to school talk starts and I'm not feeling to pressure to make this new house liveable,  I can finally feel like I can get bak into the things I want to do.
Like write my story.
Or play piano.
Or read my favourite blogs.
Or read a book.
Or go to movies with my friends.

A chilly Monday morning is a perfect way to start.
I'm here.

Let's summarize the highlights of the month:

We moved (that's kinda obvious).  Everything is unpacked and (somewhat) put away- the garage is a disaster with garage and winter/christmas stuff but hopefully with a few kidless days this week I'll be able to tackle it and be officially done.

We got a piano!  I have never had a real piano, except when I was under the command of my parents. I got a 7 year old beautiful black Kawai and the sound resonates through the house just like I imagined it would.  I can't wait to organize my old books and start playing again.

There are 4 baby kittens and one momma on our deck (future mousers).  My aunt brought us a momma cat and her week old babies the day after we moved in.  She immediately relocated them somewhere into the forest around our house.   The next morning she came and found Lucia (she's a friendly momma) and brought her to the babies.  Same thing happened the next morning except she had moved the babies again but into a cardboard box on our deck.  They have been there ever since (even with us trying to move them to the lower deck and the momma, Pearl, bringing them right back up top).  They have graduated to having just one cardboard box, to a boxed in area and now to free range of the deck.   Lucia and Willis named them Sunny, Starflight, Clay and Tsunami after their favourite characters in the Wings of Fire Series.

We celebrated a family wedding.  It is always so good to have your people around you and to reconnect.  We've also hosted a lot despite the unpack and a lot of things not complete on the build.  But we'll save that for another post.

I have tons to talk about and record in my blog memory book and I'm pumped to get back into writing and using this as a creative outlet!  Thanks for sticking with me.

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