It's Wedding Season!


There was a time in our life when we averaged at least 7 weddings a summer.   In fact, I remember a year with 13 and there were 3 in one day.
I kinda miss wedding season: finding that perfect dress for the occasion, seeing the decor come together, hearing the vows and visiting with friends/family.  Oh, and the food.  What is it about the spreads at prairie weddings that are just so delicious? Must be all those hours spent making perogies.

Turns out that this summer we get a taste of wedding season again with two weddings in our family- one on Dan's side and one on mine.  The wedding in August that will be very country (can't wait to figure out a dress for that and see all my cousins again...also the food)- it feels like we haven't had a wedding on our side of the family for a long time, or at least one that I could attend.

The other wedding is also very exciting- Dan's brother is getting married and everything about this event is novel.  First off, I just gotta say how excited I am to have a new sister in law.  Leah is an absolute gem and it makes me giddy just thinking about having her in our lives.  She's one of those people who is so genuinely kind, loving and warm- it's impossible not to love her.  I am so happy Chris found love in such an amazing woman and can't wait to celebrate them.

Now let's talk about the wedding details.

Colour Scheme 

This is a small wedding so they decided everyone is in the bridal party and then gave a colour scheme for you to dress in.  I love the colours they picked and it was actually quite easy to find something for everyone in our family.   I can't wait to see how the pictures after the ceremony turn out!

Dress Picking

While sleuthing online,  I found the best selection at Nordstrom so I waited for our trip to see Pink to Vancouver in April to go dress shopping.  There were some typical style bridesmaid dress in those colours but they were too fancy and too long.  I wanted something simple and chill that I could wear again.  And well, you know how often those bridesmaid dresses get worn again.   I had wanted to put my try on sessions pictures on here but then the computer with all the pictures is packed, so we'll do this instead...good ol' browser history on Nordstrom.   Here are a few I tried on and didn't love:

In the end I went with an Isabel Marant dress from her offspring line, ├ętoile- which is all so perfectly french.  It's flowy and feminine and looks awesome with a leather jacket.  I can dress it up or wear it with sneakers and it won't be too hot.

Vows. Venue. Decor. Oh MY!

This is where the crazy cool comes in to play.  They wanted a destination wedding and well, location picking must have been a blast because the wedding is in a chateau in Bordeaux.   That's right, the French countryside.

We get to stay right in the castle, built in the 14th century, where the wedding will take place and it's going to be magical.  I'll be blogging our trip as we adventure through France over the next week, so stay tuned!  

It's been a busy/stressful past month with everything going on in our life, but the house is all packed up, it's been handed over to my cousin who will be living in it while we sell it and all that's left to do now is to take a deep breathe and enjoy this family time away and celebrate a beautiful wedding!!

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