Disney to Paris: the things I want to remember


There are many moments that I'm not going to want to forget from this trip.  It has been a fantastic little break from our family and some great quality time that in all honesty, with the craziness of our schedules, we rarely get. 

We spend a lot of time laughing and talking, Willis usually asks a ton of questions and Lucia usually just gets annoyed. 
So basically they are smaller and cuter versions of Dan and I.  They are also very eager to use their french, making my teacher heart swoon.

For the kids we did some time at Disney, which when I say "did some time" I mean it as a prison sentence because I'm pretty sure that's what it felt like for Dan.  Tons of people, confined spaces, hot hot weather and line ups.  He even got asked by a couple if he could watch their kids while they went on rides.  They got mad at him when he declined.
Yup, it wasn't the awesomest experience.  BUT, the kids had fun with the rides and there was air conditioning in the hotel and that's all that's important, right? Okay, mostly the air conditioning part, screw the kids.

I loved being playful with the kids and letting them make the decisions.  I find that Willis is way more attentive (read cuddly) and will hold my hand anywhere we go when we're on trips, so I am soaking up every single minute.  Lucia loves having control and gets very upset if we deviate from her plan.  They are going to be fun kids to travel with.  Unless they get in their complainy moods which are super annoying.

We eventually made our way to Paris to finish up the last leg of the race.  We're staying right by the Eiffel Tower because it's something Lucia really wanted to see.

We spent the evening exploring the area and having a leisurely people watching french meal.  Willis was giving some nasty side-eye to all the smokers (made me kinda proud) but also didn't know what an ashtray was.   There were so many interesting conversations at the dinner table, with Willis grilling us about government systems and Lucia giggling about our stories from our last trip to France.   But then we pushed it and made them walk 1 km across the bridge to the Jardin de Trocedero and it was game off.  They were not interested.
Tomorrow shall be fun....

We have one last day to explore and I am taking requests.  Willis is sick of "historical stuff" and Lucia doesn't want to walk. They both want to go souvenir shopping.
Should be a fun last day!
Mostly because my ears instantly perked when I heard shopping.

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