Chateau 1: the day with all the travel


 We made it! It only took 23 hours of travel to reach our destination but we're here and ready for bed.  I think I only caught a couple hours so I'm about ready to crash in the crazy hot night so I can wake unzombie like tomorrow and enjoy the day.

Highlights of the day, if my foggy brain can remember them, that is.... are:

1- seeing Dan and Pablo on the TVs at the Saskatoon airport. It's an Immigration Canada video talking about the importance of ComIT in the community.

2.  Flight to Toronto, then Toronto to Vienna then Vienna to Paris!  I've never been to Austria and while it was only 3 hours in the airport, I feel more worldly.  The fatigue is also really getting to me.   I may yodel.

 3) 6 hour drive to middle of nowhere French countryside.  That was painful but we kinda slept, mostly cuddled and admired the views.  We used instead of the train because I figured at that point I wouldn't be patient enough to navigate mass transit.

4) Arrival at our Chateau!  The wedding is taking place here and our family is also calling it home while the rest of the guests are at properties in the area. It is absolutely stunning.  I can't wait to explore more tomorrow! And while I could wax poetic about the beauty of this place, my brain is done and my Lucia wants to cuddle so I'm out for the night. Enjoy les photos instead!

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