A promptless post


Lucia turned 9.
It was Father's Day.
We have 2 weeks left in this house.
The packing mess is making me crazy.
Salt and Light is taking over my life (in a good way).
We move into our new house in less than a month!
Exciting family wedding coming up.
Basketball and baseball take over our life.
Starting up a start up craziness.

I should have a lot of write about, really the prompts are endless and the opportunity is right there. I can't think of a better time to feel inspired and let the words flow: the sun is out, the coffee is hot and the birds are chirping.  We're on the eve of summer and everything smells, feels and tastes like fun.
Except blogging. 
I think the fresh air stole my mojo.

But that's okay because I spend the majority of my life wandering the corridors of experience, piecing together sentences of how I will one day like to tell this story.   This blog, after all is a vessel for the remembering of all the things we do and over the course of the past 10 years (!!!!!) I feel like I've done a good job of maintaining it.   There is no formula or schedule that I follow, I am letting this become what it needs to be and right now, writing nonsense has brought me much joy.

So as I sit here in the morning sunshine (Monday morning writing sessions have become a spiritual ritual that I will not be dismissing any day soon)...sipping my coffee- well it's my replacement coffee because a fly decided to end his life in my first, - I find myself feeling grounded.  I haven't taken the time to sit and write out all the things flowing through my mind in the past two weeks (hence the long prompt list) and I can't help but wonder if that has added to my feeling a little overwhelmed as of late.

Maybe it's in the act of taking away the busy, saying no and just being that brings calm.  I know this works for my kids when they're starting to feel overwhelmed with all the activity - we just cancel life for a night and enjoy home.  Therefore why am I not practicing this for myself? 
Well, this begins today. 
I am going to sit and enjoy the morning sun, write some words and then take my dogs for a walk before I tackle the day.   Okay, I may also watch a bit of the Raptors victory parade because yay sports!  And when I start feeling bogged down by my to-do list, I will remember what magic a few minutes to myself can do for my soul and channel that.

Cheers to enjoying that coffee, to listening to the song of the birds and enjoying some silence this summer. 

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