The 40s, my goals


I realize that the chances that I write this post and then immediately forget it exists is just as likely to happen as me not being able to pass up a pretty pair of shoes.  But I'm going to do it anyway, because just as I recorded my goals for my 30s (in this post) I think it's valuable to take a moment to reflect and gain some direction going forward and now that I've flipped over to a new decade, I think that's the perfect opportunity to do just that.

I do not simply want to robotically live my 40s (which basically can summarize what my 30s felt like), but I want to inhale them and experience every wonderful moment in this beautiful decade. 
I want to breathe it's aroma (which is hopefully not stale but sweet and floral with a side of spice)
I want to feel every fibre of it's fashion (definitely no sensible shoes or elastic waistbands)
I want to laugh and love and feel beautiful in my skin.
I will embrace my imperfections and just get over it already because really, life is too short to be hung up on the extra rolls or the double chin.  That doesn't mean I'm not working to improve those imperfections- that's a constant.  But they aren't stopping me from doing things.

I am here. 

Here are a few things I want to do in my 40s

1. Not stop at that stupid Costco exit line when I've never left my cart unattended and wtf people.
2. Get a boob reduction- yup, cut these badboys off.  They suck for exercise.
3. Improve my physical shape- I'd say 75% of my body is super strong- my core, not so much. Gotta work on fixing that.
4.  Paint more.   I keep having this as a goal which means I like art so I should do it more.
5.  Piano more.  I'd like a real life piano instead of a crappy church sized keyboard.  I can still sit down and somewhat play the pieces when I was doing my grade 9 RCM, so I'd like to that with more intention.
6. Bake/cook fresh meals- I like to have fun in the kitchen, I just need to set more importance on it.
7.  Connect with my community- I enjoy meeting people and hearing their stories and seeing the amazing things to do.  Maybe this should be create a community instead...
8. Visit the following countries/places: (and by visit I mean really see them and learn about them and embrace the culture) ----- Ireland, Scotland (yes again...still more I want to see), France (I want to see all of it now), Italy, Switzerland, Eastern Canada, Vancouver Island, Northern Saskatchewan, Salmon Fishing in Seattle, Upstate New York in the fall/Cooperstown, French Polynesia, St. Lucia.  
9. Parenting- scary to think that when I'm wrapping up my 40s that I'll be facing an empty nest.  Yikes.  Which means I want to experience every moment with them still at home.
10. Develop my personal style- or continue to?
11.  Grow a business into something amazing.
12.  Take an course: online and face-to-face- I like to learn.
13.  Open up my home more frequently to friends/family.
14.  Stay calm.  I dunno- I felt frantic for most of my 30s. I would like to be cool as a cucumber for a bit.
15.  Be organized- having a spot for everything , a decluttered, purposeful home...this will start with the move next month.
16.  Go on a trip alone..maybe to one of the places in #8

If I can accomplish a handful of these in the next 10 years, then I will be quite pleased.  Even better is if I remember that I wrote this post and use it as a guideline.
Here's hoping.


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