Day 5: We covered so much ground


I am almost too tired to write this post because it was a jammed packed day and I'm about done.

We started in Versailles with a whirlwind tour- covering everything and learning as much as possible in a small amount of time.  Also, renting the golf cart to cover the grounds when you don't have all day was superb. Eating macaroons is also wonderful.
If I could do our day again, I would have known and found out about the bike rental, found a baguette and just spent the day exploring the woods.  If I have solidified any belief in myself during this trip, it has been that I am a wide open spaces and no crowds type of girl. 

We got to our flat in Paris (right on the Seine across from the Louvre) in the afternoon and kinda just wanted to stay in it because it is the cutest place (see it here) but we decided that we should adventure, so we walked a billion miles up to Sacre Coeur.  I loved the Montmartre area and definitely could spend some more time exploring it.   
We did a quick look inside, climbed the 300 steps up to the dome for the view and then headed out to find some food.
I think the food may be a huge highlight of this trip.  Abbie has a wonderful french friend who recommended some restos and holy crap it was great.

Seriously, I'm way too tired to add any intricate details to this post so this will have to do.  We're just settling in for the night before our last day in Paris!

Bonne nuit!

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