Styled at 16


I wouldn't say Deena at 16 was the most stylish teen around.  Sure, going to the mall was something I loved (such a dying art, isn't it?) but my wardrobe mostly consisted of:

Russel Shorts
Russel Sweats
Weird TShirts from Value Village

Yup.  Then again, I did grow up in a small town of 40k with limited shopping - Bootlegger and Mariposa could only do so much and most of my time was spent talking on the phone or playing sports, so it is safe to say that in my teens, shopping wasn't my priority.

I love that we're doing this look back in our style in our teens...mostly because it seems that there is a huge resurgence of 90s style happening, which just happens to be when I was a teen.  And it is perfectly timed with just having celebrated the birthday of one of my most "stylish" friends from high school.

I had a rough day yesterday, grief can be weird that way. How is it that one day can completely affect your mood? I went from just fine to the minute it became March 12th, unable to stop crying all day.  Kelly would have been 40 and knowing her, the celebrating would have been amazing.   I spent the day imagining what she'd look like as a 40 year old, if she'd still be teaching in Brooks, what her kids would be like...which is normally what things that I think about but because it was her big day, it just hit me so much harder.

So in honour of my beautiful and very missed friend, here are some of her best looks from our teens.  Love you and miss you every day, Kelly.

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