How to style a basic maxi


One simple, basic dress.  
Long sleeves, pockets and slits on both sides.  
This is the one dress that will carry you through spring, right into the glory days of summer. 

10 + ways to style a basic maxi

1) Basic AF, because sometimes you just want to go out and feel like you're in your pyjamas.

2) Smaller up top? Add a belt (or in this case a necklace) to break up the lines and draw attention downwards. 

3) Go for the badass vibe with a leather jacket.

4) Wear to work...pair it with a blazer vest, a fun necklace and statement heels. 

5) The comfy look- pair it with cool sneakers and a long cardigan and you're set.

6) The "I have a meeting and need to kick ass look"'s perfect with a blazer and killer booties.  You could even add a belt to this to create some shape.

7) Purple and cognac and white- this is my "oh look, I'm a put together mom" look.  This white vest will be available in our consignment shop soon.

8) Fun jacket and statement boots. Or fun boots and statement jacket. Whatever, I love this look.

9) Statement necklace and knee high boots- let the jewelry do the talking.

10) Fun necklace and those boots again because I THINK I FOUND THE PERFECT DRESS FOR MY BOOTS.  This is a play on my basic look (#1) but with some added fun. 

11) Leather hat, cape and wedges- a little edgy, a slight bit dressy but totally something I could wear to the ball park. 

12) The "bohemian princess" look.  I was trying to channel my inner bohemian goddess like Alison from Puppies and Pretties...but I can't pull off hats and now I'm uncertain about the giant blazer.  I think this look needs a belt and less fancy shoes.  Okay, okay...I failed this one.

13) A night out/outfit. Fun vest, killer boots and a meal you don't have to make...sounds like the perfect outfit for a perfect night.

14) Perfect outfit for errands/yardwork/downtime.  I love throwing a sweater over this and adding some white sneakers.

How would you wear/style this purple maxi?
Here are some picks that are similar to my pieces that I added. Links are affiliate.

Want the dress? We have it in purple and black here:

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