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There has been so much awesome in past month that I have failed to document, which was the original reason for this blog.   Time for me to take a break from the crazy of life and get caught up on the things.


This was a first for my little family and what a way to experience Disney for the first time: blending all our families together.  We had Sarah's entire clan out, along with Lana and her husband and then Abbie and her kids.   It was an absolute thrill being able to sit back and not think or feel like I have to be the ring leader as the pros, Sarah and Lana - we were so spoiled. The other thing I really loved about going with Abbie's kids- was seeing my kids take care of them in their own way AND we got to do the little kids' rides with the little ones, which is something I would have missed entirely. 

We conquered Disney on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and I think we covered all the must-dos.  The park was at 20% capacity for the most part, so we didn't have to wait often for rides- although I did still find the crowds a touch overwhelming.  Another bonus- the weather was absolute perfection.  Nothing like good ol' hot sunshine to let you forget the freezing cold of home.  Lucia has been asking all week to go back to California.

My favourite ride was Big Thunder Mountain and the Incredi-coaster, everything was awesome too but honestly, I just loved watching my kids make fast friendships with Abbie, Sarah and her husband and Lana and her husband and all the other kids.  They are the type of people that I want my kids surrounded by. 

You will likely note that Abbie and I didn't bring our husbands....they were both very happy to miss out (crowds/disney/not their jam) and get uninterrupted work time.  It is crazy how similar our husbands are that way.    

 I loved the three days we had at the park, but I think that was enough and was ready for a break.  The weekend was spent in Laguna Hills where Sarah lives.  I loved being in her home and seeing her world.  This is one special lady with an equally awesome family.   We went to Laguna Beach, we went on a hike, we ate together and had one big sleepover.

This was the first time that I've visited the States where I didn't I was in the States...I say that in a very Canadian way. It was scary or overwhelmingly America-ish...well there still was an abundance of flags everywhere but it was super chill and absolutely beautiful.  I am looking forward to exploring more later this year. 

On Sunday night we went to a Lakers' game (THAT WAS AMAZING!) with Sarah's husband and son (who are the sweetest gentlemen around)  and then my kids and I stayed by the airport in Marina Del Rey to do our own little adventure the following day.

Universal Studios was Monday and I probably should have put it as the first thing, because my kids were kinda like- this is it?  Harry Potter world was magical- I think I could have spent the entire day there wandering around. My second favourite was the studio tour- I got to drive down Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives- it was so neat to see those places in real life.

We were gone for a week but it only felt like days- it was magical and restful and I got to hang out with some of my favourite people and see their life.  I think it was a perfect vacation!

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