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Linking up with my gal pals on the Blended Blog today as we talk heart styled fashion.

Here are some truths on my heart right now:

  • I have zero time for tv and have lost track of the Bachelor even though I started watching it.  I'm okay with that, he's kinda annoying.  
  • I hate when my kids are sick but also I love it?  It is so nice to cancel everything and just stay home and snuggle and take care of them.
  • We have been in the -30s for too long. I forget already what the warm air of California felt like.  Hoping this cold spell will snap soon...but hey, -45 this morning is great. Especially when our world doesn't shut down.
  • I've also decided that we therefore live in the most versatile land around and will be ready for any apocalyptic climate change. We don't shut down when it's too hot, too rainy, too snowy or too cold. You can bunk with me if you want.

  • It's been a month of having a business.  I have to get used to saying that.  Does that mean I'm an entrepreneur now?
  • I'm less trepidatious now than I was earlier about putting myself out there with this business, mostly because I'm really enjoying what we're doing.
  •  I'm really really really looking forward to this house to be built so I can gain back a bunch of time.  I'm also really really looking forward to purging, packing and unpacking.

  • What surprises me most about our business, Salt and Light is that I think I enjoy making the podcasts the most.  Never thought I'd say that.  You can subscribe on Spotify and Itunes.

  • As much fun everything has been at home, I am really looking forward to a quick not even 24 hour getaway to Edmonton to see Justin Timberlake with the girls.  Time with them is always refreshing.  Mostly because of Christy's non-stop dance parties.
Like the shirt we're sporting? Well we think it's a perfect add to your wardrobe for Valentine's Day and there are three left.  You can buy it here:

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