The Life and Times of an Ice Cold Blogger


You would think that a prompt involving exactly the only thing that people see me wear would be the prompt that I would follow.  But alas, it's #COLDAF out and there's no way I'm attempting photography with the risk of frostbite.    But DAMN, winter outerwear is where my fashion vocab is at.  I have been expanding my jacket repertoire for the past couple years when I realized that for the long 24 months of winter that we get, it is realistically the only way that I express myself fashionably.

But yet, here I am using pictures from the talented Larissa of the cape that I always post and I'm sure you're like, meh..nothing new here.
BUT WAIT, don't go yet. I have something to say.

I had a realization over Christmas break, which was not only a "eat all the nanaimo bars break" but also a "blog reading/writing break".  My eye-opening moment this week was figuring out why I didn't actually miss reading blogs.  And here it is- I missed reading words from my friends, that will never change and I love that I can keep up with their life/voices in that way.  I missed reading words that were meaningful, that teach me something or show me a different way of thinking or shared something of value.
But all the redundant posts telling me where to buy things is just something I think I'm over.

I know I got caught in that trap for awhile where I felt that anything I posted I had to shill and make a penny, but what ended up happening is that I feel I lost my authentic voice and ability to relate to people.  Relate to YOU.  Don't get me wrong there are a lot of fashion blogs out there I still follow as I find the outfits absolutely inspiring, Lisa and Shauna, I'm looking at you, but the rest I will likely push to the side in the search of finding content that speaks to me in 2019.   I mean, if I'm going to spend my time reading blogs, I might as well enjoy it.

2019 is all about working on what's inside for me.  Okay and kicking my ass at the gym isn't bad for my outside so there's that.   But I want to make each day awesome and if I'm just doing things because that's what I should do then I don't think it's worth it.  I want to WANT to do it.

Am I still going to fashion post? Of course.  I will share where I got something if people want to know, it's not about that.  It's about writing from my heart, not becoming an repetitive mess of links to push you to buy things.  I didn't sign up for blogging to be that person.   Once a rambler of nonsense, always a rambler of nonsense.  I'd rather make you smile than push you to buy something.

Here's to making each day exactly the way I want it to be- awesome.  This post felt good this morning and it feels even better to get those thoughts off my chest.  So tell me, you're a blog reader, what do you want out of a blog?

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