Never Will I Ever


Fun Fun Fun on the Blended Blog today- it reminds me of that drinking game...Never Have I Ever, so with a little spin on it and a little less wine, I shall play along.

Never Will I Ever

  • watch Football and like it.
  • be able to listen to Rent and not get weepy.
  • stop thinking/creating/looking for ways to make things better.
  • remember to floss every night.
  • have the patience of a saint.
  • let my kids get away with murder- I would rather deal with the issue right away.
  • eat the red ones last.
  • be able to keep my nail polish on for longer than a week without picking it off.
  • be able to resist popping a pimple.
  • not want to buy some new clothes.
  • decline a hug.
  • be comfortable showing up late.
Alright. It's late.  I'm in California and we have an awesome day coming up at Universal. This cat needs her sleep.  

Here are our upcoming prompts- because never will I ever be sick of my blog friends!

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