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I wish I had the balls to take risks and do all the fun things in life.  I would like to be brave enough to put myself out there and not even hear the voices of doubt in my head.  Sadly, I'm not that type of person, but I can pretend to be, can't I?

With my goal for 2019 to make each day a day better than the last, an awesome day of sorts- it was serendipitous that I stumble upon this design by my fave BOSS BABE out there and since we're talking Boss Babes today on the Blended Blog- this was a perfect way to show case it.

Now I can have that reminder to wake up and be awesome anytime I want.  Doesn't help that this hoodie is extremely lightweight and cozy, making it the perfect piece to wear to the gym, which I was doing this day in particular.  Hence the crazy pants.     

So I say cheers to being more like Boss Babe Colette from Brandsquawk who has created a truly unique line of comfortable graphic tees, sweatshirts and hoodies in a world of many many many graphic tee retailers.  There needs to be more women out there like her who are consistently lifting people up and cheering them on instead of squashing them.

Brandsquawk is based out of Vancouver and I hope someday to meet up with her.  I would hope rubbing elbows with women who are risk-takers would help me become more unafraid.

My mom even got a graphic sweater from her first born for her birthday- I swear it was made just for her, the camping queen.  You can take advantage of some sweet deals on Brandsquawk's site by using my code for 20% off- shoestoshiraz.

Here's to all the BossBabes out there.  Wanna see how I'm aspiring to be one? Check out the venture here.

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