2019 is here, yo!


2019, hey?
I suppose the first post of the year should be resolution focused but guess what, I've given up on those.  Mostly because I forget.  In fact, staying on trend, I wrote basically the same thing last year here.  So there's that. At least I'm being true to me?  This year I will continue on with much of the same, working on just making myself a better version of myself each day.  Small, attainable goals. I can do that.  And I can also allow myself some grace for the days when the shit has to hit the fan.  We all have those.  I'm going to be focusing mainly this year on channeling my anger and learning to deal with it in healthier ways.

I also plan on reading the eff out of 2019.  Like I did in 2018.  I managed to read 71 books last year, surpassing my goal of 55.  Granted I did listen to 12-15 as I do a lot of driving and I find it a productive way to pass my time.  Anyway, here are the books I got to last year.  You can see a more detailed review here.

My fave book? Probably the Crazy Rich Asians series or Girl, Wash Your Face or anything by Beatrix Williams...especially the Secret Life of Violet Grant.

What am I doing with my time in 2019? Well January is always quite busy as I overload myself with stuff around the house...packing, sorting, purging but also I'm developing 3 websites and learning a lot of cool things along the way.   Really that's what I want to be doing in 2019- things that bring me joy, which should have a positive vibe on my life, non?

Anyway, back to blogging and working with the ladies on the Blended Blog for our TBB ASKS.  I hope to remember to do some instastorying about this today too,

1.  Books I re-read: The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans.  Anything by Elizabeth Berg.  Harry Potter. Outlander.
2. Fave book/author: The third Outlander book by Diana Gabaldon or Open House by Elizabeth Berg, which basically makes them also my fave author.
3. Fave TV show: Friends! The Office!
4. Fave new-ish TV show:  The obvious- This is Us....I have a wackload of A Million Little Things on my PVR...I have a feeling I'll like that one too.
5. Fave movie: Pitch Perfect
6. Movie I am looking forward to seeing: It was Mary Poppins Returns which didn't disappoint. I feel like I was weepy the whole way through.  For 2019, I am looking forward to Toy Story 4.  I loved those movies as a kid (teenaged kid that is) and even had Toy Story bedding in University cause I'm cool like dat.
7.  First concert: NKOTB!
8. Ultimate concert: My top three are Britney (seen her 3 times) P!nk (seen her once, seeing her again in April) and Justin Timberlake (seeing him next month)
9. Fave music: Britney, duh or 90s
10. How do you listen: Spotify

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