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My heels are covered in dust.  
Quite literally.  
They rest peacefully on the top shelf of my shoe wardrobe in retirement- waiting for the rarified event that has me taking them out.  I am actually thinking of selling them, that is how seldom I wear them.

Am I going to have to change my blog name if shoes are my thang anymore?????? Hi, I'm Deena- a recovering shoe addict.   Sweats to Shiraz?  Selfies to Shiraz? Just Shiraz? 
Shit, now I'm craving wine.

I think the last time I got really dressed up fancy was either for our anniversary supper last December or for the Vegas trip.  Heels and driving my kids around town all day just don't vibe.
Neither do sequined skirts.  I'd like to try just to see the looks I get.
It is rare that I get to put on a fancy outfit and hit the town, so when Larissa from Lovely Roots wanted to play around with sparkles and twinkly lights and slow exposure photos, Abbie and I were a definite yes.  Our outfits were picked before we had even confirmed. 

I knew the exact skirt I wanted to bring down from the archives- I had bought it for our trip last year to see Britney in Vegas.  PS- did you see that she's coming out with a new tour?  Dear husband, I promise to wear more short, sequined skirts if you promise you won't roll your eyes when I want to see my bestie, Britney again.

Abbie and I had a blast playing around downtown Saskatoon with Larissa and then the three of us had a lovely supper together at Cactus Club.  I had the butternut squash ravioli which is the dish that our group of girls always all order whenever we go there.  So yummy!  Great, now I'm salivating and can't remember what else I was going to say about our outing.  
Moving on.

OUTFIT DETAILS (sans links because everything is old, just like me)

I paired the sequined skirt (Vera Moda- old) with my cape (Burberry- her name is Hermoine) for the outer layer- it was cold but not horribly cold.  Under it I wore a black cape blazer (Forever 21) for that extra super-heroed effect- and because it's rare I get to really get dressed up, I wore the Louboutins for the indoor shots at the rRemai Modern  and my crazy tall leopard print heels (Michael Kors) for the outdoor.   

All these pieces are unidentifiable on the interwebs, so I've made a fresh new widget with pieces you can actually get if you want to recreate this look.  Links are affiliated.  I forgot to add shoes. Oops. 

Head over to our host, Whitney's blog to check out her sparkle look and link up with us there or on the Blended Blog.

In the meantime, I'll be planning a fun outfit that is "Merry and Bright" for the next post.

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