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Each year I try to add something new our unique Christmas experiences repertoire that will help us feel all jingle belly and festive inside.  I had a couple ideas - the frontrunner was a sleigh ride out at ChampĂȘtre Country which didn't work out then my mom and dad booked us a trip on the Wheatland Express as our Christmas present so my task was taken care of.  Thanks, mom!

A train ride in Saskatchewan? We're not the first ones to want to do this despite it being super flat and lacking any mountains...or curves in the roads for that matter.   Frosty's route came through Saskatchewan, so if it's good enough for him, then it's awesome for me.

The Wheatland Express had just opened this past summer with themed rides and is on my want to do list- this would be a perfect splurge date for this summer - a murder mystery on a train? How fun does that sound- plus I can just imagine how beautiful the prairie landscapes would be.

As for our winter trip- right now we're kinda lacking snow but the weather has been super beautiful so no one is complaining.  Well, except for those who want to cross country ski or snowmobile.  There's TONS of winter left for that, so let's soak in these mild temperatures while we can.   Maybe if we could get a nice snow fall this weekend, that would be perfect.

Alright, back to the train ride. Honestly, I was expecting this to be a crappy train car with wood benches and no heat.  Instead we had historic carts (one was President Truman's, complete with bedrooms and kitchen and the other was a restoration cart from New Orleans).  The seats were comfy and cozy and the atmosphere was perfection.

I think this is probably best experienced with over zealous kids and children at heart type adults who enjoy singing Christmas carols at the top of their lungs, reading classic Christmas stories and MEETING SANTA.  Guys, he had a real beard and the kids were oozing Christmas joy during their private session with him.    Okay, so was I.   Sadly, my kids started the experience with their hearts three sizes too small- their grouchgame was strong.  But by the end of the ride (it's 2 hours long) they were joyfully singing their who-hearts out with their cousins, and even dancing in the aisles.

And that's the magic of the season isn't it- it gives you a chance to take a breath and enjoy your surroundings (while gleefully singing with a bunch of elves).  Speaking of which, the staff on the train were probably the best part.  They were engaging and energetic and quite funny too.

Make sure you bring cozy clothes (most kids were in their pyjamas) and blankets because it does get a little chilly despite being heated.   The hot chocolate they served was the best hot chocolate I have ever had and it didn't even have Baileys.   


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