How to do a Girls' Weekend


How has our girls' trip been so successful, you ask? Wait, what? You didn't. Well too bad, I need a topic for a post today and I'm going to ramble anyway.
Here are a few of my observations on what makes this happen every year for us since 2005.

How to do a Girls' Weekend:

1. Find your people.
Fortunately this part was easy for me- we have been each others' rocks since we were in our teens so we're kinda stuck with each other in a "you know everything about me so we have to be friends forever or I'll have to kill you" way.  Maybe you don't have the same group of friends since high school and they are people you work with or you hockey mom with or you met randomly online in a style group.  Find people who get you and who you have something in common with.  Only 2 of you? Perfect, more room in a bed.  12 of you? No problem- more shoes to borrow for nights out.

2.  Pick a thing that you do.
Everybody has a thing that they do when they're together. We shop and reminisce and laugh until we cry.  Some may drink, speaker dance and club hop, others may hike deep valleys and gorges or maybe you enjoy exploring new cities and checking out museums. Maybe you and your friends are happy with a pool and a wine tour. OR perhaps your the go-getter who manages to get all those things into one trip.  #lifegoals.  Figure out what it is that brings you together and just do it.

3. Make it a routine, a tradition and a habit.
We make a point of booking the days for the following year's trip during the present trip.  We're all moms with busy schedules, managing all the activities and shenanigans that go into parenting, so it does make it hard for us to narrow it down.  What we've found is that the transition months are the know that sweet spot of un-busyness right when you're leading into the never ending vortex of sports?  That's when we are most free to flee.

4.  Come prepared
We've become stealthy girl trip ninjas in our preparation skills and know exactly what we need.  Here is a list- which may or may not give you an idea of how we bide our time: corkscrew, red solo cups, munchies, hard-boiled eggs, tampons, poop tea, bananas, gym clothes (that we usually don't use) and a portable speaker.  This year a playlist was made that we listened to on repeat.  Feel free to listen along with us.  Do you find that somehow most of the conversation revolves around periods or poop when with your friends? No? Ya, not me either........

My time away with my soulsisters/framily/besties is necessary to my well-being.  That's a loaded statement but it's true.  They make me remember who I am and keep me true to the person I strive to be.  They call me out on my shit and encourage me when they see a spark starting.  That is exactly why I will drop everything and run the minute our yearly trip is booked- because I know that we're getting older and this won't always be a luxury.   If anything, I have learned that you need to find your people, love them hard and have some fun while doing it.
Life is more fun when you're laughing, isn't it?

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