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To be honest, I think that fall is possibly the season that finds me the most active and happy: the colours are stunning, the air is crisp and the impending coziness of winter makes me want to get outside and explore.  And what's crazy about living in Canada is that every fall looks very, very different.  One year we can be snowless still in December and the next year it snows in September.

This past weekend we travelled 2 provinces west to British Columbia to the beautiful city of Kelowna where my brother in law and his fiancĂ© just bought a gorgeous home.  We had snow in September in Saskatchewan so it was a fantastic change to go to back to the bold colours of fall in B.C.  My kids may or may not have brought home 60 giant leaves for their classmates as 'souvenirs'. Meanwhile my souvenir was 6 bottles of this insanely good white wine from Mission Hill Estates.

So while we're talking fall traditions today on the Blended Blog- I thought I would share my vague and rather simple traditions.

1.  Take in the beauty of the changing nature.  I love the shift in the weather from freaking hot...okay not South Carolina hot...to the crisp freshness that the air has come fall.  Plus leggings and sweaters and capes are my favourite outfits.

2.  Get outdoors and breathe in some fresh air.  Go for walks, take some pictures- soak in the beauty of your surroundings, whatever fall looks like to you.

3.  See something new- be it in your city, province, state or country.  There are tons of great places to explore, so do it!

4.  Spend time with family and friends.  Thanksgiving falls at the best time for us- right in the heart of autumn and it's a great time to gather your people together to break bread and make some memories.

5.  Explore your city: Hit up the farmer's market, local coffee shop or your favourite restaurant.  I love going out in the fall before it starts getting cold because parkas and boots are no fun in a car.

6.  Spend some time purging- closets, drawers, wardrobes...get rid of the stuff you aren't using and recycle, donate or trash it.  I love going into winter knowing everything has been tidied.  Kinda like spring cleaning but also in the fall- it makes me feel super zen.

7.  Wear all the fun fall clothing.  My summer wardrobe is super small and I get sick of it by the time our whole 2 months of hot is done.  By the time I bring out the fall stuff, I am giddy and usually overwhelmed by the amount I've....collected.  This floral dress is one of my fave fall pieces.

8.  Set myself a personal growth goal.  The beginning of September welcomes fall but also the start of a new school year, which has always been kinda like a New Year's for me...so I try to find something I can focus on for the year.

9.  Get into a good workout/eating routine.  'Nuff said.  There's not time like the present to make some great changes.  This year, I'm working on feeling strong and for some reason that means doing headstands everywhere.

10. Get your family photos done.  I'm trying to get ours done in every season because I like to rotate my photos with the colours of the season but fall is definitely my fave!

Share your fall traditions with us today!

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