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How do you pick your 5 favourite moments, let alone 5 fave treasures from the trip to Georgia and South Carolina?  There were so many times where I just wanted to bottle up the people, the scenery, the joy and the fried jalapeƱos so that I could take them home to relive over and over again.

We giggled until we cried.  We danced until we felt 16 again.  We bought the pieces that beckoned us, called us, practically screaming at us because they were so our style.  That's the beauty of hanging out with women who know themselves and in time have come to know each other so well- that is what happens when you follow someone's blog, it is impossible not to know their heart through their words- that you can pick out a perfect piece for someone knowing it is exactly their style.

So we did just that: we bought exactly what we wanted and we bossed each other around - pointing out things that would work and we all came home happy and today I'm sharing my 5 fave treasures that I brought home.

1- The Long Cardigan...but you'll have to wait until next week to see it.  We terrorized the Michael Kors store and ended up buying all the things.  Our fashion prompt on Wednesday is long cardigans, so this will be a perfect time.  Also, I don't have any pictures of it, so there's that.

2- The Cape- Capes have kinda become my thing and I ignored my love for this one the first time I saw it at Coach.  Because really, how many capes does one person need?  Such a conundrum. But then in a serendipitous moment, we ended back at the store and she called my name and I answered and yes, Georgia came home with me.  I think that's what I named her anyway- seems fitting.  Cause you know- all my jackets have names: Virginia, Britney, Hermoine and now Georgia.  Also, the answer to my conundrum is 5.  5 capes is what I need- one for each day.
#shittyblogger photo because that is how I role sometimes.
3-  Vera Bradley- Katie introduced us to this store and it was 19299% off or something like that so I think each of us went home with a little something (or a complete line), being that it was practically free. Okay, we may have gone there twice.  While I don't have any photographic evidence of the bags I got, I do have plenty of Abbie. Funny.  She's a professional shopper that way.

4- Cognac bag- My cognac crossbody that I have been using on all my trips was starting to look beat up, so I have had my eyes on the hunt for awhile.  I found the perfect replacement at Saks- a cute Marc Jacobs bucket bag.

5- Spartacus? Santorini? Spumoni?
So Alison MADE us go to this store she wanted to get a scarf from- whose name we could never remember.  The first time she saw the store she went by herself.  The second time she had a friend and by the third (or fourth) visit we were all eagerly anticipating the finding of the flagship store on Hilton Head so we could get a souvenir bag too.  The store had self serve sweet tea, y'all- can't go wrong with that.  And most of us left as winners.....although Alison left with a souvenir dress as well and I wanted to leave with a souvenir porch swing but didn't because you know, carry on weight and all. Side note- I just had to run to my closet to take a picture of the cute clutch (but mostly to see the name of the store). SPARTINA, for the record.

So I had to pick them, which I did so I could make this post, these would be my 5 fave purchases from our trip.  Pop on over to the other ladies' blogs to see what they picked as their top 5.

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