The Long Cardigan


I think the duster, or the long cardigan is one of my favourite trends.  Which is weird because there are a couple roadblocks for me for wearing them:

1- how do you wear a long cardigan when you have to put a winter jacket over it?
2- don't long cardigans make the shorter gals look more hobbitish?

I had to find an answer to those questions before I could go about adding some pieces to update my fall/winter wardrobe.  And my answers?

1- I take off the cardigan when wearing my jacket and put it on when I'm at destination. OR. I bunch it up around my waist (which can only be done with my shorter one b/c otherwise I look like my love handles have gotten far out of control)
2- who gives a shit if it makes me look short when it makes me look happy.

I have two dusters that I have been wearing on repeat.  The one I got in Australia (named Bindi) from an Australian designer (Friend of Audrey) and the new one from our trip to South Carolina.  See Bindi here.  I actually love this designer with the simple neutral pieces.  I still have to remind myself to buy neutral, not bold colours.

The newest long cardigan is not as robe-like as the last but still on the longer side.  When in Hilton Head we took over the Michael Kors store and all found treasures.  (Okay, we all found multiple treasures).  I fell in love with this grey cardigan mostly for the colour.  

Shopping for long cardigans? Here are some I'm in love with and will likely be trying on this weekend in Edmonton (affiliate links) :
Dusty Pink (Simons)Red Checked (Simons) | Long Beige (Simons) | BUFFALO PLAID! (Simons)

As always this is prompt in our #theblendedblogstyle fall fashion frenzy.  You can go to the Blended Blog to link up or over to our host's site, the lovely Lana, who picked this prompt.  She's super tall- I can't wait to see what she shows us.  Also pop over to my bloggie sisters' sites to see how they are styling their long cardigan:

Also, Happy Halloween!  Sometimes I love Halloween, some times I don't.   Here's a little Halloween inspired shopping list for you from Rosegal.  I like buying things for the next year after the current one is done because, hello sales.  Check out the Rosegal Halloween Sale.  There is new product 30% off+ turntable draw coupon, the highest can get $20 off (full minus).  Currently I am eyeing up this cute pumpkin sweater, of course this cape and this spiderweb dress.

If you're planning on taking advantage of the sales for next year, use RGNancy (offering 12% off purchase)

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