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I feel like I could write about last week's blogger trip for days; there is just so much to say - but instead I'll try to condense it because I'd like to go to bed tonight.

We picked Hilton Head back in January, hoping to get the entire TBB team out but that's not usually realistic- I'm glad we ended up with 7 as it's always fun to have creative people around to feel inspired and enthused about life.

Alison booked a beautiful home for us so we could have space to chill and it was perfectly placed a couple minute's walk to the beach and also had a pool.  It was so nice to be able to cook for each other and cuddle up to watch Hallmark movies.  It felt like what having these online friends in real life would feel like.

I have never been to Georgia or South Carolina, so it is always intriguing to be immersed into another world and it did feel like quite another word. SOOOOO HOT.  SOOOO HUMID.  It was nice for a couple days but then I started feeling like I was suffocating and started to dislike wearing clothes.   Good thing we spent a lot of time at the beach or by the pool where minimal clothing was just fine. 

The island of Hilton Head was enchanting and the homes are absolutely enchanting- the weirdest thing I did find about it is the lack of street made nights extremely dark and creepy...especially with all the alligators and deer.  Katie taught us that it was to save?help? the turtles.  We did do a couple half days in Savannah where we explored the historic area and of course did some shopping.  My favourite part was the different restaurants and foods that we had.  We tried grits, hushpuppies, gator bites, po' boys, fried jalapenos, fried everything and of course beers from the area.

My favourite parts of the trip were the more simple ones, the sitting around and chatting, giggling and catching up.  The sharing of clothes and makeup and hair tips.  The talking about our kids and husbands and jobs and daily lives.  It felt like we have been friends for a lifetime and not a random group of women who met online in 2014 in a Style Challenge Group.  For the sake of fun (for me anyway) I dug up our first group post here.

1000s of pictures and memories later, my heart is full.  I adore each of these women for different reasons and my life is definitely enriched because of them.

Alison, Lana, Moi, Shaunacey, Sarah, Katie and Abbie

Is it bad that I'm already looking forward to our meetup next year?

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