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At almost 40 (186ish days until d-day) I have realized a few things:
I just want to be strong
I want to feel healthy
and I want to enjoy getting there.

So while I'm kinda sidelined from the fun workouts (running, barre class and basically anything I was doing before this stupid plantar fasciitis) I have been enjoying trying to find alternatives to keep myself in shape.    Things like swimming, biking, rowing and sitting on the couch complaining.

But joking aside, I know that getting healthy right now is one of the most important things to me as I approach olderness.  So it has been my focus, I have waivered but I have made headway and lost 10 lbs so far.  Which I'm pretty sure I've gained back this weekend while on the girls' trip.

Actually, when I think health right now I really think it's more than just finding a workout that suits me or making sure I'm eating healthy foods.  Being healthy means taking care of the entire package:  I need time away from life, I need to be surrounded by uplifting, wonderful people.  I need to feel love and appreciated and I like to put on nice clothes and feel pretty once and awhile.  When all those things are working together and I'm taking proper care of myself, then I do feel quite healthy indeed.

I need to love myself more and it is so good for my soul to surround myself with women who pick me up - now if that isn't something that makes you want to get out and get healthy, then I don't know what will.
I'm talking to you, self.

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