Friendsgiving 2018


To me, Thanksgiving is one of the most important celebrations.  Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas mostly but what makes Thanksgiving stand out to me is that it doesn't centre around gift giving and church.  To me Thanksgiving speaks a more simplistic language that transcends all religious ideals because it is only about being grateful and showing that gratitude. Typically we gather with our families but I think it is just as important to show appreciation for the friends in our life because sometimes I find that I tend to lean on them even more than I do my family.  If that makes any sense.

The weekend before Thanksgiving was my favourite event: Friendsgiving...the one where I get to cook for and spoil those amazing people in my life.   I'm going to give you a run down of how the day comes together.

I do a come and go and open up a chunk of hours in the afternoon on a Sunday so that my friends and their families can pop in for a visit.  I typically have some kind of food planned that is easy to prep and low maintenance..last year was pies, this year was soups and buns.  They were my fave and super easy to make.  My Grandma's soup recipe is here.

Normally I do photos for my friends for their Cmas cards during Friendsgiving, but it was getting in my way of being able to relax and visit, so this time I brought Larissa from Lovely Roots Photography to come out and do some shoots- best decision ever.  She's the best. The end.

We sat around, we chatted, we broke bread, we laughed and my heart felt so full and so incredibly blessed that these people are in my life.

My favourite was getting the pictures of these people back from Larissa and of course, trying to come up with ideas for next year's Friendsgiving which will be our first in our new home.  Bigger spaces, more people, non?

Cheers to good people in our lives!

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