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Say we were out shopping and you were to ask me what my favourite pair of jeans are, I would probably sit and stare at you for a very long time.  Then I would prolong my decision and distract you with conversations about Timbits and your favourite flavour of ice cream.  By that point we would decide to go for a glass of wine and I will have finally made up my mind to your impossible question.

So there it is, my favourite jeans are my Express jeans.  I base this decision solely on the fact that I currently have 3 pairs in my closet and they stay good and snug and I get a shit-ton of compliments on them.  If you catch them on sale, they are also a good price point.  The only kicker is that they've closed down all their storefronts in Canada (unless you tell me otherwise, in which case I will come visit and hit up the Express) and the only places I have found them are in the outlets in the States.  Which reminds me to see if the outlets in Savannah or Hilton Head have one so I can beg the girls to go there.  Cause you know, if you're going to visit during a hurricane, you might as well be shopping.

My black distressed jeggings are my favourite (here) and I get the most wear out of them.  I also have a pair of light denim tulip jeans and a pair of khakis.

A good pair of jeans is always a great investment as they are kinda a staple to the wardrobe (I would say the same about buffalo plaid and a Lana).  What are some of your favourite jean brands? Linking up with TBB today.

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