Am I Bohemian?


I don't know...I think I gravitate towards too much bold to be considered to have a bohemian style.  I would think I'm a little edgier than the soft, layered, hippy-ish looks that I associate with bohemian.  
Wait, loose flowy pieces and florals though?  I do like that and when I looked into my wardrobe I realized I do have some pieces that are boho I'm going with this.

The last weekend in August was spent in the fields with Lana and Bo while Larissa from Lovely Roots did some pictures for us.  This is my go-to dress for summer and fall and spring for that matter- the material is fantastic and hello, pockets.  Also- I rarely wear anything fitted so it's also a little different- even though this isn't super fitted.

Actually- I love this dress so much that I also have the long version and am constantly eyeing up different colours.  I bought it from a random shop that popped up on my Pinterest feed and I think my sister and Christy have it too.  You can see how I styled the long maxi floral dress here.

If I were to be actively searching for boho pieces I would immediately go to Anthropologie or I'd seek out anything from Free People.  Come to think of it, maybe I'm a little more boho than I thought I was.

I have some secrets up my sleeve that Abbie and I are working on and I can't wait to share with you in the next couple weeks or so, fingers crossed. 

Meanwhile, next week we're talking long cardigans and you can always pop over to the blogs of my TBB sisters to see what a boho look is for them.  I love this because of all the different ages, shapes, climates and styles you'll see represented.  Andrea is hosting the look today and you can head over to the Blended Blog to link up your boho looks.

Lana. Vanessa. Whitney. Abbie. Shelly

Here are some of my fave floral dresses 

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