The one with all the water.


Today was spent doing something we rarely (as in never) do as a family: relax for an entire day.  Seriously.  Dan didn't know what to do with himself.  The kids however grew fins and were screaming that this was the best day ever.  

We're spending HOW many hours by the pool? - Dan, probably.

It was another early morning for me- 4:21 to be exact and the kids joined me, getting up around 5.  But the sunrise and the coffee was outstanding so I'm not going to complain.  We were fed and watered by 730 and then it was straight into the resort pool.  Yup, nothing like an 8 am swim.
Actually, it was quite hot out that early so there wasn't any hesitation to get right into the pool.  Me, I happily lounged and read my book (the 4th Outlander it in time for the show in November) and watched the kids swim.

It is so much nicer having older kids for places like this.  The last time (and only time) we've done a hot holiday was to Mexico and it was a disaster because an 18 month old Willis who needed to be held all night and couldn't swim wasn't much fun. He also insisted of being naked but that's another story.  So this was an awesome extravagance, having kids who could play together and swim without constant supervision.  

Anyway, by 11 we were done and ready for lunch so we headed out for a walk and some food.  This was also Willis' turn to have a meltdown.  But mostly it was a hanger meltdown.  Feed the boy, the boy is happy.  Simple solution.
Actually- what I have noticed from the 4 days non-stop with the kids is that I am really understanding their personalities and what makes them tick.  It's also fun helping them understand each other so they don't end up stabbing each other with a fork.

I have learned that this kid is very affectionate when he's tired.

He looks 15 here. Slow down time.

We ended up doing some walking on the beach (with no crocodile appearances) and saw that lots of people were swimming and the water was beautifully warm, and then decided we wanted to also.  So after a little quiet time, we headed to the beach.  The kids loved it and probably could have stayed there forever except by this point we were getting sunned out and needed more sunscreen.   So the obvious choice was the head back to the pool.

Enjoying our rooftop pool
"Too much relaxing makes you lazy." - Also Dan. Most likely.

After another frolic in the pool (and a yummy caipirinha for moi) we decided to call it quits on all the sunshine and head for supper.  But not before I made them do some journalling and Lucia cried and hated me.  

Supper was one of my favourite moments - with lively conversations and lots of laughter.  We had fun asking each other questions and practicing their conversation skills.  It's so neat to see their senses of humour. 

So that's about it.  Pool, swim, water, ocean, rinse, lather and repeat.  

We'r ready for a change of pace tomorrow- can't wait for the rainforest adventure.


  1. What a glorious day!! So fun of family moments and memories

  2. It looks so beautiful! And all the relaxing sounds lovely. Oh Dan - keep practicing those relaxation skills :).

  3. I would wake up for that view too. Exhale. Sounds absolutely perfect. I am a little like Dan. I think I want the relaxing thing but totally get antsy and want to kayak, and play volleyball, and walk on the beach, and hit the gym, and...... And poor Logan just wants to really relax. LOL. So what does one do if a crocodile comes? Also, do the kids converse with you in French?

    1. Run as fast as you can? Pee your pants? No clue. We're off and on in French. Some days not at all- depends on their mood.


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