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blogging in the airport lounge while waiting to fly to Brisbane from Vancouver
Even though blogging sometimes feels like a chore, I am grateful that I sat down every night to record what we did that day in Australie.  Because now, already a week home and I am starting to forget the little details that I want remembered.  I want to remember that serenely peaceful feeling of being up early (thanks jetlag) to watch a sunrise on the ocean. I don't want to forget the enthusiasm the kids brought to picking their own learning goals.  While it was a wonderful trip and Australie is a beautiful place, it's the little moments with my family that while hopefully remain engrained in my heart.  And if not there, at least they are on this space.

Stealing photos from Dan's phone
So today I thought it would be fitting to go over our favourites from the goal was to have it done for last Friday, but the jetlag struggle is real and I'm still feeling a whole lot of sleepy.

While we were on the plane home, I interviewed each person to come up with a list of favourites:

From Lucia:
Cuddling a koala
Feeding the panda
Feeding the kangaroos
The zoos, especially the gift shops
I liked everything except walking

Notes de maman: Lucia loves animals and it was great that we were able to see such a great diversity. She was particularly enthralled by the dugong so it surprises me she didn't mention it.  Not surprised, however that she talked about how much she hated walking. Lucia and I butted heads on this trip often with at least one major blowout...BUT I did make some headway to figuring out how to deal with her attitude so that's progress.

From Willis:
Seeing the opera house and going in it to the Mary Poppins show
The Sydney Tower (view and food)
Fitzroy Island-snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef
Kangaroos and Koalas

Notes de maman: When we asked Willis what he wanted to do in Australia, he immediately answered: Opera House and food.  Despite falling asleep for a song or two, he was mostly enthralled with the symphony's performance of Mary Poppins- both of them decided they enjoyed watching the instruments more than the movie.   The food is no surprise either, the kid loves to eat- especially pizza and Indian food.   One thing I loved about this trip with him is that he really turned back into a loving, affectionate kid and that melts my heart.

From Dan
The zoos and rainforest and Sydney

Notes de moi: Dan doesn't do relaxing vacations like one typically would.  He loves learning and exploring and investigating.  His mind seldom rests. So trips to Mexico won't be something we do and I'm okay with that. I love seeing his mind at work.

My thoughts:
Australia was expensive, felt extremely safe and clean. I don't think I could live somewhere with hot for so long- I like the change in temperature.  I loved going to the Opera House, the harbour in Sydney was breathtaking and the Great Barrier Reef was gorgeous.  Really it was an awesome trip.  It didn't leave me with that enchanted feeling though- you know that one when you visit a place and it steals a piece of you? Scotland is like that for me. NYC is like that.  I could keep going back to those places and never grow tired of them.  Australia was different, beautiful and definitely something worth seeing.

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