In Every Job That Must be Done There is an Element of Fun - Mary Poppins


I suppose that would be the truth if we are referring to anything but walking...because my kids currently hate walking.  Unless it involves hunting rare Pokemon on the steps of one of the wonders of the world. How odd.

I woke up feeling sick today so this morning was pretty laid back.  Dan went and got a loaf of bread and peanut butter so we didn't have to find brekkie and pay 75$.  It is very expensive in Australia.  The kids and I did yoga and read books and it was a lovely morning.  I also had a conversation with some very colourful birds that were on our patio.

We had a late lunch at a neighbouring hotel for high tea- it was Will's first experience and our avid tea drinker, Lucy was excited to tell him all about it. 

After tea we went for a walk (gasp!) to the Rocks (the old Sydney area) and browsed some shops, got Lucia some UGGs and went to a museum.  It reminded me so much of Old Montreal or Quebec with the cobblestone streets and old buildings.

We had tickets tonight to see Mary Poppins played by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra while the movie played.  Total bucket list experience for me.  Not only did we get to go into the Opera House, but we saw one of my fave movies played by the orchestra!  I don't think I stopped smiling.  It was a late night and Willis slept through the last couple songs...but we made it home and now everyone is sleeping and so should I!  Spit Spot.  Nighty Night.  Cheerio.


Have a lovely day!

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