I'm still tired.


When Dan asked me what I wanted to do in Australia, I honestly didn't have an answer and really, when I looked at the map, I figured we could cover most of it and still hop over to Tazmania or New Zealand.
Shit no.
Australia is huge.

So the list had to be narrowed down and had to become much more specific.  It also helped that I started obsessively scouring Pinterest and travel blogs to see what we couldn't miss if we were come here.  Slowly, my wants started to take shape.  We also asked the kids what they wanted to do and they answered with Rainforests and zoos.

And that is how the first leg of our race was formed.  The decision was made to fly to Brisbane because it was either that or Sydney.  Mostly because the aircraft used for that flight was nicer than the Sydney one.  This is only something Dan would think of.  From there we decided that the Cairns region would be our first stop given all the rainforesty areas around it.

So we woke up in Brisbane this morning SUPER early, like my nieces and nephew early, because of the time zone warp.  By the time 7 am hit, we were dressed and ready to eat and do something.  But not before Lucia had another meltdown.  Sigh.  I was hoping 10 hours of sleep would have fixed that.  We took a 2.5 km hike across the river to the Botanical Gardens were we had breakfast al fresco ( I am now convinced this is the only way to eat here).  The kids have been ordering waffles wherever we go and these might have been their faves. Granted, we have only been traveling for a couple days so our sample size is small.

We spent the rest of the morning playing in the park and exploring.   By this point Lucia had morphed back into her lovely self but Willis started to feel headachy.  I think it's because of his fear of all the birds.  He's a weird kid.  We were back at the hotel for a little rest by 10.  We started watching Fresh Prince of BelAir with the kids- it's fun to see how dumb that show was ...but they still find it funny.

We were back at the airport after that for lunch and our flight to Cairns.  Seriously, on the map it looks like it would be a nice leisurely drive up the coast, but no, it would take 19 hours because apparently that is almost 2000kms.  I suppose we don't just hop in the car for a Sunday drive out to Vancouver either so whatever.  Anyway, we decided to fly to optimize time.

The humidity hit us the minute we landed and it was nice to be out of the bigger city (Brisbane has about 2 million to Cairns' 130000) into a more laidback setting which is more our style.   We settled in at our resort, Peppers Palm Cove and were in awe of the room(s)(house?) Dan had booked.  In his defence, they use words like "apartment" when looking for hotels so it's super confusing. We ended up with the penthouse and it's giant and I'm not complaining because we're staying here for 5 days and I may never want to leave.  The resort has pools and is right across from the ocean which has crocodiles and jellyfish so the pool will be where it's at.

It feels much like being in Mexico except it feels super safe, is very clean and the people are crazy polite and friendly.    We walked around the area, found a cute place to eat and then headed back to the hotel for a swim.  The kids are currently cuddled in bed watching a cartoon and I'm struggling not to fall asleep before I finish this post.

If you have any Cairns area recommends, send them my way as we have tons of time to explore.

Random observation: it gets dark here early...like dead of winter in Saskatchewan dark early.  Okay, maybe not lights out at 5, but I swear the sun was done for the day by 630.  Which made me even more sleepy.


  1. I think it's hard not to have a meltdown as an adult when traveling, so I can't imagine traveling with kids, too. It sounds like you guys are making the most of the trip!

    1. OH man- so many times have I wanted to just go cry in the corner....

  2. I saw your "hotel" room on IG - wow! I'd probably want to spend all my time in that pool. Definitely not with the crocodiles and jelly fish.

    1. Yup, we're terrified but I think I may try the ocean today- they have areas you can swim in.

  3. Yikes! Crocodiles in the ocean?! No way! I’d keep to the pool too!

    1. Crocodiles everywhere. Just kidding. I haven't met one yet.


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