I Didgeri-did it.


We had a chill day today that basically consisted of going for meals, pool time and quiet time. I feel guilty taking days like that when there is so much out there to explore, but in the same breath we needed some downtime and with a travel day tomorrow, downtime is what we got.

Our evening had something cool though- we headed over to Tjapukai- the Aboriginal Cultural Centre for the night time fire.  During the day I had the kids do some research on an aspect of aboriginal culture that interested them (Lucia picked art and Willis picked sports and activities).  We then did a comparison to the First Nations culture back home.  Lucia also did some story writing using aboriginal symbols and Willis was able to explain a couple cool games they play.  Initially they weren't to excited for a "learning" night but by the time we worked through some activities, they were showing a little more enthusiasm.

I also popped down to a boutique here, totally unrelated, I know...but the saleslady was so eccentric and actually bossing me around-making me try on different things in different ways that I bought a cute bamboo tunic by an Australian line.  It was nice to be the one being bossed around the change room for once!
wallabies everywhere!!!!
Anyway, back to learning things.  Tjapukai was pretty cool- we learned about the digeridoo (I'm too lazy to google how to spell that correctly) and then we did a fire ceremony and had our faces painted.  Willis actually volunteered to help light the fire- he was quite in awe that it was him and a guy from China dancing around a fire in Australia.  The world is so small sometimes.  He has been wanting a boomerang as a souvenir and they actually gave him one as a thanks for dancing and lighting fire, so the little dude was all smiles.  The atmosphere was pretty darn cool there- they lit a big fireball and shot fire spears across the lake.  We had supper out there too- it was neat sitting with Aussies and learning more about their country.  We even ate kangaroo, emu and crocodile ribs.  The kids even tried them- shocking, I know considering Willis has only been eating marguerita pizzas.

It was a later night tonight and the kids were done by the time we got back to the hotel.  Tomorrow we'll be packing up and hopping a plane to Sydney!


  1. Wow what a day! I love that you are doing learning things while on the trip too...good Mama...now come teach my kids :)

  2. What a cool day! My boys would love that. And I'm glad you bought something that will remind you of your trip whenever you wear it!

    1. Those are my favourite pieces- the ones with the memories. LIke all my Seattle clothes!

  3. Wow this sounds like a really neat learning experience! I'm sure it was nice to be told what to do in a store. Sometimes I just start browsing and don't even find anything because I can't figure it out. Haha! Glad you picked something up!


  4. Look at Wills feet go! Dancing little man. The picture of you at the top is beautiful, so refreshed, drinking your little expresso, loving life. It's awesome.


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