"Fish are friends, not food"- Bruce


Explore city was the theme for the day and that we did.  We're at the point of the journey (9 days) that the kids are driving me insane.  They whine and complain and hate doing school.   I swear it's like they have never walked a day in their life. 
We walk everywhere and apparently it is the worst thing possible. 
When they complain, we just make them walk more.

So the morning started off exploring the Royal Botanic Gardens which is right in our back yard.  We hunted down food and enjoyed breakfast under the canopy of trees- the kids ate waffles which seems to be their thing this trip.  Well. that and complaining about all the walking.

I'm trying to chunk our days into learning and free time...so the focus of this morning was the flora of Australia.  The Botanic Gardens were delightful and we did learn a lot.  My favourite were the bamboo trees- they make the coolest sound when they are swaying in the wind.  Also- they grow like 1 inch to 3 feet a day.  Crazy!  After our stroll through the gardens (2 hours and 3 kms return) (really not that bad) (I swear I'm not torturing my kids) we came home to journal about our learning and have a rest. 

Lunch was found at a nearby Indian restaurant (the kids loved it) (for this I can be grateful) and then we walked a good 1.3 km (sigh) (eye roll) (whine) to the Sydney Aquarium in Darling Harbour.  Clearly our focus of learning for the afternoon was the animals.  I LOVED this place- mostly because of the unique to Australia animals they have...like the Dugong which is actually what mermaids are based off of.  He was super cute.  Or the Mudskipper which are fish that can swim and walk on land.  Freaky as F, I say.  They also put us on a dingy for a boat ride around the Penguin exhibit.

After learning at the aquarium, Dan took the kids back to the hotel for school where they recorded their learnings and did any research to learn more.  Me?  I had some free time at the mall for my own....research.  Yes, let's call it that.  One of the mall that I visited was housed in a beautiful building (yup, totes studying the architecture) and the other mall was super confusing and I got lost multiple times.  I didn't love it.  But I did find a beautiful oatmeal coloured duster cardigan that I'll show you next week in a fashion post.

I returned home to my kids finishing up their school and then we found supper (hotel restaurant) (fine dining and super fancy and not at all suitable for Lucia's purple sweats) but it was delicious and I think one of my favourite memories of life happened there- one of those moments that will be engraved in my heart and my brain, instantly recallable in every detail, for all of my life.

And it wasn't thing fancy.  Just a family of four sitting at a glassed in restaurant over-looking the Sydney Harbour.  The kids munching on their spaghetti in their cozy clothes (Lucia all in purple and Willis in his Saskatchewan Tiger Lilly Sweater).  The kids incessantly asking that we share memories of them being small.  They laughed, they giggled and they stared wide-eyed.  I hope to never forget this moment, be it a simple one.  I love the feeling of family, of honouring the past and enjoying the precious time together creating new memories- like how we'll forever call Willis Mr. Marguerita and Lucia should have been named Violet, aka Invisa-Girl.

Anyway. It was a busy day, a wonderful day and a very blessed day.


  1. Lovely! Hope you get to sample some leamington cake sometime!

  2. What a great day! Those kinds of moments are my favorite. But quit making your kids walk so much - sheesh.

  3. Sounds like one of those days that will be etched in your memory forever. Looks like a lot of fun!


  4. What a wonderful day and family time. Great memories and the kids will thank you later.


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