Everything isn't always awesome.


The problem with me blogging my days is that I want to paint a story that shows the going-ons of our days adventuring in Australia.  And by doing that, I have to be completely honest in saying that everything isn't always awesome.  My kids drive me crazy, they fight, we have to stop in the middle of streets to sort out issues.   Today was one of those days.
It started with Lucia slinging her lippiness all morning, giving me attitude anytime I asked her to do something.  It got to a point that I snapped and yelled and she freaked out and screamed and we had a full blown fight.  It was not how I wanted to spend my morning.
Luckily, I am starting to understand the way my kids work and I knew she would need space with me coming back every so often to softly make my point until I broke her and when I ask if she needed a hug, instead of saying "get out of my room" she broke down and cried and said yes.  She is swift to apologize from that point on.
This non-stop fighting with her has been tiring and it is starting to wear me out.  I'm also feeling sick and I'm pretty sure my body thinks its in both time zones so I'm also exhausted.
Here's to hoping a change of scenery as we make our way back to Brisbane tomorrow will do everyone some good.

By the time we sorted out our issues, it was almost noon and we decided to let the kids (and by kids I mean Willis because he was the only sane one at that point) pick out what he wanted to do.  Seeing that he has mostly been excited for food, after googling some suggestions (him, not me) he picked the buffet up on the Sydney Tower.  We decided to try out the train system as we'd be needing it for the airport tomorrow and the kids were happy with that as it meant way less walking.

The Sydney Tower reminded me of the supper we had at the Calgary Tower- just with tropics.  The food was okay, but Willis thought it was the best meal he had.

After our 70 minute culinary rotation, we headed over to the Australian Museum to do some learning.  At this point Lucia was back to her cheerful self and they went about learning things. 

Following the museum we headed back to the hotel for some journaling and then for a swim, I soaked and stretched in the hot tub while the kids swam lengths- Willis 1km, Lucia 500m-.

We had supper over at the Rocks at Pancakes on the Rocks were we did indeed have scrumptious pancakes (Lucia declared this her favourite meal- Nutella Pancakes of course).  While we were walking back to the hotel we got to see the giantass cruise ship- the Majestic Princess leave the harbour. It was the biggest boat we have ever seen...which reminds me, never let me take a cruise, I don't think being confined would be good for me.

Anyway, tonight is our last night in Sydney as we head to Brisbane for the last 2ish days of our fun.  I'm actually looking forward to getting home to the crisp air and those beautiful fall colours.


  1. Feel ya...the almost 13 year old is wearing me out lately! Definitely a challenge traveling with family but y'all are seeing so many fun things!! And I agree....no giant ass ship for me either! haha

  2. Sure is pretty down under!!

  3. I hope that last two days are peaceful. I now realize why I only took my two on one real vacation when they were kids. LOL.

  4. You will always have these memories with your kiddos! So much fun!

  5. I remember my oldest driving me nuts when he was younger. The good thing is when we look back at the pictures from our vacations I only think of the good times. I think every family can relate, vacation is awesome but people get tired and cranky and being together 24/7 and out of your routine is hard.

  6. I always, always, always appreciate your transparency on issues like this. Trips always bring this pressure to be perfect and completely appreciated, but with kids in tow real life strikes time and time again. I struggle to do as you did, take time to just let everyone calm back down instead of trying to push through to get to see/do all the things of the list. Over the years I have gotten better and mostly only have one thing per day on vacations and scheduled, because I schedule everything, days off. Welcome back to the deep freeze.


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