Aritzia should really pay me for wearing all their clothes.


Let's just cover all the seasons in this post that is dedicated to transitioning an outfit from summer to fall.  I love that we're bringing back the outfit prompts in our fashion group- speaking of which ....if you want to join me and my friends in a super cool FB group where we'll be chatting fashion and sharing outfits....join us here:

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You may have a closet full of clothes and yet you still aren't able to find something that works. Perhaps you just need the encouragement of a divers...

Anyway...let's talk summer to fall outfits.
You see, my formula for a perfect summer night outfit would be a light pair of pants paired with a t-shirt and because I'm really trying to bring more neutrals into my wardrobe, this has become a much easier pairing.

Take these pants which are a summer staple (from Aritzia here).  I like that they can be super chill with a t-shirt but you can also dress them up with heels and a blazer quite easily.  They apparently also go nicely with a sandy beach. 

Normally I pair these pants with a cozy sweater, a graphic tee, a black tee or this white one...which also comes from Aritzia (here)- I'm sensing a theme with this outfits.   Oh Aritzia, I love you.  Don't even get me started on the fall colours they currently have in store...

The lovely Larissa from Lovely Roots Photography took us out to this beautiful beach just south of Saskatoon.  How are there so many stunning corners of my world that I haven't explored?  It just makes me want to do summer all over again.  Nothing beats that feeling of sand in your toes.  Especially when you aren't taking your fashion gig seriously.

Right.  Back to the outfit.  So the tshirt and pants are my go-to for summer, but now that there is a slight chill in the air, I need to add a sweater of sorts.  And of course I turn to this Aritzia (of course) beauty.  But it's a couple seasons old and I can't find anything similar for linking purposes.

I'm picking sleeveless because it's chilly enough to need a layer but not cold enough to have to be completely wrapped up.  That'll be soon though, I'm sure.

But in the meantime, just find a fun sweater and keep on having crazy fun just like it is still summertime.

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  1. LOL the pictures are my favorite! The outfit looks really cute & comfy too.

  2. Told ya you're an Aritizia Model! LOVE that vest and these awesome photos!

  3. Well if they haven't yet I'm sure the Aritzia people will be in touch with you; they'd be crazy not to! Not only do you wear their clothes beautifully but your photos are so much fun!

    1. They make beautiful clothing so it's easy to make it look good.

  4. Loooove your personality in these photos! You need to frame some of these!

  5. You always make me smile! Can't wait to hang out with you soon. I am loving all the neutrals - you know me.

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    1. COunting down the days until we catch up- can't wait to see you!

  6. You are seriously the most gorgeous and these pictures prove it. The end.

  7. You are the Aritzia queen! And you're beautiful :)

  8. The outfit is great, but your personality is what shines the most! Love it!!!

  9. Fairly certain that I would have been bundled up if I were with you :) Can't wait to explore your world!

  10. These are gorgeous (and fun) pictures of you lady!


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