A Flatlander in Tropical Paradise


Today's agenda was a day on Fitzroy Island because how do you go to Australia and not see the Great Barrier Reef.

This one was an overwhelming one to research because apparently the Great Barrier Reef isn't just one place you can go to to see it.  Nope, it's like 2000 kms long and there are many islands or boat tours you can take to see it.  So I researched the beejebus out of this one and came up with a trip to Fitzroy Island.  Why? Because it was the closest via ferry and the least busy.

45 minutes on the ferry later, we arrived (with the flatlanders not overly thrilled with the choppy boat ride) on Fitzroy Island to be greeted by all shades of blue and the rich green hues of the rainforest.  Seriously stunning. 

We had all access to snorkel equipment, paddle boards and kayaks but first we wanted to visit the Sea Turtle Rehab facility.  We took a quick peak around there and then got to the snorkelling.    The kids got a quick hang of it and played around until it was our turn for the glass-bottomed boat tour.  I think this may have been my favourite thing for many reasons- one being that the tour guides were awesome and knew every cool spot. 

He maneuvered the shit out of the boat until he was right over an anemone so we could see a family of Nemo-esque clown fish.  Secondly, I loved it because I saw places that I would be too chicken-shit to snorkel to. 

After our tour we had some lunch and then it started to rain.  I think it rained for a good 2 hours and at one point we got quite drenched.....but hey- if you're in the rainforest, you might as well get rained on.  We did seek shelter in the trees by taking a couple of the nature walks, but it was still quite wet.  We even visited "Nudey Beach" which is not a naked beach (I may have thought that) but instead it is apparently Australia's best beach.  Sadly, it was misting, then raining, then pouring when we were there so we didn't have a great impression.  It was still fun to play in the water and search out the coral.  Speaking of which- the beaches there are covered in old coral...it's like millions of little skeleton shells that sound like wind chimes when the water rolls back over them.  I swear it sounded like the water was sparkling.

We made it back to the main beach for some more snorkelling until it was time to go.  I was getting braver by this point and actually swam right over a sea turtle and then a stingray- at which point I freaked out and called it quits.
The end.

It was a beautiful day enjoying a change of pace...but I'm glad to be back on land...I'm still kinda rocking like I was on a boat or something.
Such a flatlander.


  1. What an absolutely incredible trip! The Great Barrier Reef - I can only dream - and there y'all are having a great time, I love it! The Nudey Beach, lol, I would have thought it was a nude beach!!! Ha!

  2. Yep...Nudey...of course who wouldn't think that!!! Looks amazing, love following your travels!!

  3. I love to snorkel and it's my favorite thing to do in Hawaii. I came face to face with a moray eel once and that was the end to that day's adventures.

  4. I'm the same way with the ocean. I love to look at it and appreciate the variety of life, but get a little freaked out when it comes to snorkeling and swimming in the waves. What a fabulous trip!

    1. So freaky- I'm happy we got to see most of it from a boat.

  5. Oh my word, what a fun day and an amazing trip you are having. Can’t wait to read more

  6. SO SO SO cool! Seeing the reef is definitely a bucket list item!

  7. What a great experience. Thanks for sharing it with us.


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