I have kids.


I haven't talked much about my kids or my family on this blog lately and that doesn't mean much other than that I have been struggling with protecting my kids' privacy in a "I don't want to create their digital footprint for them" type of way and definitely not in a "they aren't cute enough to share" type of way.
They are certainly wonderful and share-worthy.
But as I reflect on the ever-changing purpose of this blog, I come to realize that it's sole purpose when it was created in 2008, which was to share the story of our life, has changed.
I have since separated most of my family life from this space and moved it to a personal blog where I can continue to document without the fear of over-sharing.
In the meantime, this place has become more of the space of things that are bringing me joy in my life. Maybe it's fashion, maybe travel, perhaps it will be our new build.
And you know what, there will be times when my kids are being too damn awesome not to share.
It has been a good summer with them and I don't want to let the moment slide so today I won't.  Today I want to high five life in the face with the greatness that my little ones are becoming because sometimes the little things are worth celebrating.


  1. They are so beautiful and bring such joy and light! I am the same way as you know, just some snippets now and then, not even sharing their names and I have never regretted that. Nor will you, privacy is so important!

  2. I struggle with some of the same issues with my kids’privacy. But you are right… Your kiddos are too cute not to share a pic from time to time :-)

  3. They're such great kids! Can't wait to see them :).

  4. Yeah it's hard to know where to draw the line when social media is such a presence in our lives! I share some about my boys and they're old enough to be okay with it. Heck they're constantly oversharing every aspect of their lives on social media but I only share what seems relevant. It's a personal choice and you have to be okay with it and never regret it. No one wants their kid coming to them in a few years asking why we put something out there! Your kids are precious though and look like they are full of fun and adventure!


Have a lovely day!

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