I didn't start a blog to meet friends.


I started a blog in 2008 when Willis was just over a year old in order to share our life with my family.  I was completely oblivious to the fact that there was a blog world out there and that someone other than my mom would want to read what I record.  10 years later this blog is still going and things have changed.  Because of this blog I have met some of the most amazing women across Canada and the US that I am now blessed to call my friends.

I spent the weekend touring my own city with my Seattle blogger friend turned real-life friend, Lana  with her first visit to Saskatchewan.  Sadly the weather wasn't awesome so I didn't get to take her to any lakes but at least the smoke had somewhat dissipated so we could have some fun around the city.  She was used to grey skies so hey- I'm going to assume she felt right at home.

Truth be told, I was kinda nervous to show her around because most of the time people give me the Saskatche-what? or the why would you live there looks when I mention where I'm from.  Yes we're not a prominent tourist location and yes winters can be long and cold- but there is so much more that people don't know about this beautiful place I call home.

Like how absolutely imposing our sky can be when you can see from one horizon to the next (which also plays into how straight and long our roads are.....).  Or how kind and helpful people are.  Or how wonderfully piercing and calming the silence can be when you have so much space and so few people.

I had asked Lana what she wanted to do when she was here and her response was : see your world, meet your people.
Well that, my friends, was simple to put together as I could easily come up with some of my favourite places in this city and I really wanted my people to meet this Lana person.  I have decided that Lana is like the bra of friendships:  she is supportive and uplifting (and absolutely necessary in my day to day).  Abbie is also like that to me- she always leaves me feeling good about myself.  People need Abbies and Lanas in their life. But in the same breath- I really wanted Lana to meet my people here because without them, I cannot function sanely.

Anyway, with the help from some suggestions from friends,  I put together an agenda that I hoped would showcase the best of my world, adding in a few things I have never done for added fun.

Lana arrived on Thursday night for a stroll through our downtown where we popped in to some cute stores (naturally we start with shopping) and where I may have got a new outfit as I had intended on changing at home before going out but didn't and then her plane was late so I couldn't.  For the record, I got a chunky oversized sweater and fun sandals from Manhatten Casuals.  We met my friends for supper at Little Grouse on the Prairie for a meal alla famiglia.  We chatted and giggled like old friends and I was so happy to share my besties with her.  Sadly we didn't snap a picture.  Not sure how that got missed!

Friday was spent brunching with another Saskatoon blogger, Bojana from Bo's Bodacious Blog- I had met Bojana before through a mutual friend but it was really fun to really get to know her.   Lana and Bo follow each other 's blogs so it was a real life blogger's meetup in the middle of some Saskatoon Bushes.  We had lunch at the Berry Barn (why are the waffles there so good?)

Then we headed over to Black Fox Distillery to sample gin and pick flowers.  I loved it there.
When we were finished Lana and I headed to pick up my kids and explore the University of Saskatchewan with a quick walk up the train bridge so she could have a view of the river and bridges.
The evening portion of the day was quite chill- I showed her our new property and build, Candace and her kids came over for spaghetti and caesar salad and then we relaxed until our late movie date with the girls to see Crazy Rich Asians.

Saturday wasn't any warmer but we still went downtown to explore the Farmer's Market and the riverbank after having crepes at Drift.  Naturally, we had to do some shopping so we hit up HardPressed and picked up some fun Saskatchewan shirts- I can't wait for Lana to show you hers! Of course we picked up some Canadian delicacies (butter tarts and nanaimo bars) (and should have got giant cabbages cause apparently that's a thing here) for our sampling.  The afternoon was spent hanging out with my family who came in for a potluck lunch.  Our evening was spent doing a blogger's fashion shoot with Bo again and my fave Saskatoon photographer, Larissa from Lovely Roots Photography.   We had time after to pop in to my sister in law's new place for a quick visit and cider (thanks, MOnique!) and then we headed back home for a late night campfire with Candace in the cold...but the company,  cheladas and hotdogs were good so whatever.

So it wasn't the nicest weather wise and so what we only kept to Saskatoon when there are so many more beautiful places to explore in our province, but I find the fact quite amazing that our worlds were even brought together in the first place through a blog.  We took a risk, we formed friendships and now we have built these relationships that have become so valuable to me.   I can't wait to see the other ladies in October when we head to Savannah!

Thanks for coming to visit me, Lana!


  1. Yay, so glad you and Lana had a fun time, no doubt its fun with you guys no matter what the elements. LOVE your Home Grown top!! PERFECT!! Of course I knew you'd be the tour guide with the mostess! Mr. Nine has a customer born and raised Saskatoon so knowing TWO people form there makes me want to come for a visit even more!! xo

  2. Oh I just love this look at your weekend with Lana! And what a great way to be described - like a bra! Looks like you ladies had the best time and your town sounds so lovely - I cannot even imagine how wonderful it must be to live someplace that isn't overcrowded or over built! This blogging world is full of all kinds of wonderful surprises like great friendships!

  3. What a blessing to have met such great friends in real life!

  4. Hooray for meeting in real life and all that. Will Lana ever have a flight that is on time? This makes me even more excited for October. It looks like your weather was down right fall like!

  5. I just loved this!!! I am so glad you had such a great time!! Loved seeing all your pics this weekend, and it was so fun you met Bo. Also, I'm a tad jeally!!

  6. It was honestly the best time ever. Your world, kids, family and friends are beautiful and I'm so happy and grateful that I got to step inside for the weekend. I can't even imagine how sad it would be if we weren't friends - thank you blogging! I love how it looks like we're holding hands in that last picture :).

  7. Blogger meet ups are so much fun, looks like a wonderful weekend!

    Emma xxx

  8. I didn't realize that Bo lived there too! She's the sweetest. What a great weekend! Can't wait to see more photos that you guys took, and that you got to show Lana around your world! :) Miss you! Only 2 more months!

  9. First of, I want to thank you both for inviting me to be a part of your experience and also for making me feel extremely welcome. It's a beautiful thing to be able to find a tribe of women, as youvyo described, that are from various backgrounds and yet lift and support and encourage each other.

    1. I'm so happy you came out- love getting to know you better

  10. Awww, I love seeing a few of my favorite faces together in the same blog post! I'm so sad I can't make our big group meet-up this year.

    1. P.S. I just researched how many hours drive to Saskatoon it is. It's 25 from Grand Rapids. Darn.

    2. meh- 25 hours, not bad. Let's meet in between! how's the wedding planning going?

  11. SO.FUN!!!! Yay for blogging friendships!!

  12. What a wonderful time to be able to show someone your hometown favories, Deena. It's funny how you titled this "I didn't start a blog to meet friends" because I totally feel the same way. Yet that's what makes it so wonderful each and every day!!


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