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I've been having some fun on the internet today and I'm feeling refreshed and invigorated and totally one with my creative energy.   Thanks for that Shaunacey....I'll be reposting my fun videos on my facebook page throughout the day so you can hop over here to see them. 


Today's subject is fall fashion and I'm sharing my go-to pieces for this fall.   Mostly they are blazers because I love having a jacket of sorts to cover up when that cooler air starts swooping in.   This blazer is from Aritzia and can be worn many ways ...although I can't see myself wearing it as a robe as it makes me feel like I'm in pajamas. 

The second is a long masculine cut blazer that I picked up at H&M last month.  I love the different silhouette and the fact that I can wear it with jeans or with a tight dress. It makes me feel like a sexy doctor or something like that.

I go much more into detail in my Facebook post about the other staples that I would be picking up for the fall.  Make sure you hop over to check it out.

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  1. I love these looks, cozy and put together. You could wear them anywhere!

  2. Aritzia was my favorite store up there. Wish we had em'! LOVE these blazers to pieces, perfect Fall staples! That sunlight is so beautiful in those phots, you look stunning and professional model material!

  3. Love these jackets and just looking at the pictures makes me feel the sun on my face. I am really itching to drive to Regina and go to H & M, haha, but also need a paycheck BAD.

  4. I love that longer blazer look on you! I'm a blazer/jacket fall girl, too.

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  5. I love those blazers! You look comfy and pulled together!

  6. Stunning!! Need the Aritzia one and I have a similar black one you just reminded me of!! Yay fall!!


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