Exploring Saskatchewan: the Scenic Route 263


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The Outfit: Bunnyhug (a Saskatchewan term) from Outter Limits in Waskesiu.  This was a perfect purchase...it was freezing out and my sweater was wet from being rained on during the horseback riding session.

My goal this summer was to stick close to home, trying new things in our own province.   Earlier this summer we explored the Gem Lakes in Narrow Hills Provincial Park while camping at Candle Lake with my parents.  So for our summer finale and last little "staycation" we headed up north to Prince Albert National Park. 
My summer childhood was spent going north to the many, many lakes of Saskatchewan- but I'm not talking the real north of our province as really, we only live on the bottom third with the top being boreal forest and lakes.  My favourite place was a hidden gem called Sandy Lake which lies in the National Park on the Scenic 263 but is often overlooked because the super touristy Waskesiu is right there.
For this trip we camped out at ElkRidge Resort and spent the time exploring parts of Waskesiu I have never done before. We also spent some time with my parents, boating on my favourite lake, Sandy.  So really it was a perfect ending to our summer explorations.

A few highlights from the trip:

1- Hiking around ElkRidge.  The trails were organized and serene, I actually forgot we were right in the middle of a golf course for a bit because it felt like we were in BC.  We did the 2km Lynx Trail and the kids only complained a little bit and it luckily the trees were umbrellaing us from the rain.  We only got misted.

2- Horseback riding at Sturgeon River Ranch.  Horses actually terrify me- but this one put a grin on Lucia's face so it was well worth it.

3- Ziplining with TreeOSix.  I'm quite certain Willis would have up and left us to work there had he the choice.  I was too scared to let go or fall backwards or go upside down (Willis did all of those things, by the way)....but it was insanely cool being treetop.

4- Strolling around Waskesiu.  Ice cream, cute shops and a yummy supper.  Waskesiu is like a mini Banff but with less mountains and people.  Also bonus was finding a cute new bunnyhug.

5- Spending time at Sandy Lake.  Sadly the weather wasn't awesome so the kids had fun playing in the forest behind my parents' campsite.  We did try fishing but it was windy, Lucia was the only one to catch anything.


  1. How beautiful! I must visit Canada. We love zip lining and that looks fantastic!

  2. Look at you go girl. Zip lining queen!! I love that you are exploring close to home, so much to offer.

  3. What a beautiful trip. Lovely pics. There is one place in Saskatchewan I would love to visit (and because of its name) and that is MooseJaw. I don't know if you have ever heard of it.

    1. Of course- my husband and I first met there. They have some real cool underground tunnels that were set up in the prohibition and used by Al Capone to bootleg alcohol

  4. It looks so much like here! I love ziplining - but George refuses to do it.

    1. Well then. Maybe I'll be adding this to our agenda.

  5. This was such an awesome goal and I think that's going to be one we make for next summer. Did Lucia also like ziplining? I had intended on going to explore the gem lakes this summer but we had a lot of awesome company.

  6. We were up there last week, I had not been there in a few years. Always a great place to visit. I didn’t know about the zip line! Great post and pictures.


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