The happenings of our July in one rambly post


Ball season (for Willis) is officially over.   That is until he starts Fall Ball mid August.  I'm ready to have a couple weeks of nothingness but will miss wearing my fun shoes.

I feel like I haven't spent a ton of time with my friends or family for that matter, so it's always refreshing when we get that treasured to celebrate Carmen's birthday.  Naturally, we also order the same dish.

My goal this summer is to see new parts of our province....while the ferry ride isn't new, it is something I haven't done in ages and I thoroughly enjoyed.  I am, however, doing something I have never done this week. You'll have to hop to my Instagram this week to check it out.

Randomness...but does anyone recognize this house? No? This was our first home in Warman (2004-2008)...we planted those Saskatoon bushes (the hedge)! So nice to see that they finally grew.

A large part of my month was spent decluttering the house and getting rid of any furniture that wasn't going to make the move with us.  Yes, it's super early but I also don't want to be doing this in -40.  So now's the time.  Also, we had a lot of shitty hand me down furniture and it was time.

Our build is trucking along...currently finishing the framing and shingles are going up. I have some major decor decisions looming.

We found a wackload of wild raspberries on our 60 acres, so much that I managed to make 2 batches of jam.  Definitely going to be my bedtime snack for the rest of summer.

Really trying hard to have lots of fires and enjoy the outdoors.  I mean, seriously, how can you resist with this view?

Other random points for July:

No fake lashes.  I got rid of them and felt gross for the first couple weeks.  Feeling really good now.  In fact I am barely wearing any makeup these days and am working on loving myself the way that I am.  That goes for my hair too- the extensions are gonezo.
Now only if I could stop teetering on these 2 pounds and get the ball moving again towards 20 down.  How much have I lost? 12ish.   But I'm at an impasse and need to get into a better routine if I want to hit my goal before we leave for Australia.

Happy Monday!


  1. Sitting outside by that fire looks so relaxing! And all that jam, yum! I can't wait to see what it is that you're up to this week!

  2. Whaaat? I didn't know you were going to Australia!! Love that and Jam on it girl...look at that batch of yumminess! The house is looking soooo good!!

  3. Oh girl your life is full, full, full. I always am refreshed after reading your posts. You just are always working towards your best self. 😘. Enjoy a little downtime.


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