Self-Care Series: On Being Inspired


I got that fire in my soul.

If I learned anything about myself during that Desire Map session, I learned that I crave the act of creating- in the non sexual sense, well on this blog anyway- this isn't that kind of space.  Hahaha. That got dangerous rather quickly.
I love feeling inspired and I thrive when I am making something.  Geez, now I can't get my head out of the gutter.

Pair that with friendship and blamo, you have the perfect elixir to having fun and that is exactly what it feels like when Abbie from Grumbling Grace and I hang out.  The thing with Abbie is that we have an insanely huge amount of things in common: cute french-speaking kids, both former french teachers, hard-working and driven husbands, bloggers, giggly, like to shop.  The list could go on.

And what I've discovered with her is that when we put our creative minds together we end up having even more fun.  It is great to have someone who gets how I work and who is constantly inspiring me with new ideas.    I can't help but feel infused when I am in her presence.  It also helps that she is a natural cheerleader who will make anyone in her surroundings feel like a freaking rock star.  We need more people like her in our lives.

I don't know what floats your boat, but I think we should all be seeking out friendships with people who understand who you are.  Finding yourself a tribe who motivates, inspires and encourages you can be one of the most uplifting things in life.

Who knows what kind of fun we'll come up with, but I guarantee that we have a zillion zany ideas when we're together- like the Wine Club, which I think we've renamed Wine Not.   We figured we like to try fun things around the city, that we might as well be documenting it.  We have no goals, no hidden agenda, no desire to land big contracts and make a career out of blogging.  We just want to have fun.  Which she bop a lu bop, Cyndi Lauper had figured out.

In the end, isn't that what life is all about? Finding something that gives you passion and drive and that makes you itch with creative energy and so what if it isn't bringing real value into the world- if you can find something that you enjoy and gives you an ab workout from all the laughter, shouldn't that be just as worthy?
Holy crap, that was a run on sentence.....and now I'm too proud of it to correct it.

I don't know about you, but after I have spent time with people who play on my energy and know how to push me, I feel better about everything in life.  It's like that creative fuel is what keeps me ticking in the normal 9-5.

Go find your tribe and do things that bring you joy, seek inspiration in your life and I bet you will come up with something that gives you purpose too.

What lights that fire in your soul? Stay tuned to see what crazy we can put together or whatever, maybe we'll just drink the wine.

Photo creds to Lovely Roots Photography.


  1. Precious duo right there and you both inspire me BIG TIME!!

  2. Two of my favorite ladies. And thank God for blogging because I met you!

  3. I love you!! This just made my whole day!!!!

  4. If there was an award for the feel good post of the week you'd get it! You ladies both have infectious smiles, how could anyone not be inspired? Having a tribe is crucial - I don't feel like I have one here, my life has changed so much. I do have an online tribe though and for that I feel blessed!

  5. Beautiful and creatively awesome ladies! Can’t wait to see what’s in the works

  6. You two put a smile on my face. Apart from my family my friends are everything. Over the years I've come to understand that I just have to follow the pull towards certain peippe because they are there to teach me aometsome and in the midst of it I learn more about myself. You are both beautiful souls, so keep on shinning. 😘

    1. So true on that pull towards people- I like that, I've never thought of it that way.


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