Sabotaged by Sicily.


Oh man, I fell into a little slump this week that had my rebellious side taking over the logical part of my brain.

I think because I lost those 10 lbs, the badass side- we'll call her Sicily- got all cocky and wouldn't track food because it doesn't count if I don't track it, right? And the bitch wouldn't go for a run because it was too windy, #fragilesnowflake and she craved crappy foods and ate them, regretting it the minute after.  I think Sicily is mostly fuelled by break in routine and periods.
Needless to say the logical part of my brain-her name can be Judie- that has been on a role for 2 months and has been believing in self and super motivated got squashed and ignored all week.  I can lay out all the excuses, when in reality these were my decisions and I was aware of them the moment I made them but I lacked the ability or desire to un-sabotage myself.

But it is Monday, a new beginning in my Weight Watchers calendar and sometimes just laying out my shortcomings makes me more motivated to battle them and change.  So here's to hoping that writing this post will be enough to push me back on track and on to my next goal.  Baby steps, right?

In the spirit of things that have been working, here are some changes I made in the past 2 months:

  • Got rid of sugar and milk in coffee.  Yup, I went black and the thought of sweet coffee makes me cringe.  I will, however, on occasion have a little chocolate milk in my coffee in the afternoon (which is better than me having a cookie) (in my head anyway).
  • I have eggs with hot sauce for breakfast everyday.  Or if I'm sick of them I'll have a smoothie.  I used to have two pieces of toast with PB&J or cereal.  
  • I have been doing a challenging working 3-4 times a week.  Mostly this is going to Orange Theory Fitness or running my 3km.  The other days I walk, do pilates or yoga.
  • One meal a day has to be a salad with protein.  I still hate making salads.
  • I get overwhelmed easily with big picture goals.  Sure I want to lose 40 lbs by the time I turn 40 next year, but I am not focussing on that.  Rather I am looking at smaller, more attainable goals that won't throw me off kilter.  10 lbs at a time is more reasonable to my complicated brain.
  • Limiting alcohol to 3 drinks total in a week.  Prior I would have 1 a night.
  • Smaller portions.  I usually (try) to either leave some on my plate or just serve myself the portion size I would serve my kids.
Once I got on a role, the weight loss was relatively easy- it was coming off with not much effort on my part.  I know that will not be the case for the remainder so I have been thinking of the next step of changes I will have to make in order to help myself over the hurdles.

My next goal changes will be:
  • Improving my salad game.  Making one bigass salad and having it as a meal but saving enough so that in my other meal it is the bigger portion as well.
  • Pushing my sweatsession workouts to 5.
  • I need some sort of plan of attack to combat weeks like this past one.  I may have to re-listen to some chapters in Girl, Wash Your Face as that seemed to work last time at getting me back in the right mentality.
  • Spend less time at night in the Great Room.  This sounds like a strange thing but our kitchen and living room (Great Room) are all one and when things are visible and accessible they are too close.  I need to move to my office or the basement to avoid the cravings.  A fort in the middle of the room separating me from the kitchen is not sufficient protection.

To be honest, other than my clothes fitting better, I can't really tell that much has changed but that's okay- right now I'm more worried about silencing Silicy and channeling my inner Judie so that I can get moving on this next goal and kick its ass too.

April vs last night.


  1. You will kick butt..ByeBye Silicy!! I can see those determined wheels spinning all the way from Indiana, lol!! Looking good babe and back on track you go!!! xo

  2. Love all those little changes you have made. You are on the right track, girlfriend! Onward and upward

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  4. Send Sicily that bitch packing, lol!!! You are right on track and your head is in the right place, small goals are much better than the big picture! I'll be your personal WW leader!

  5. When my eating gets out of whack I eat off a small plate. There is only so much you can fit on it! Portion size is always a problem for me.

  6. Eggs and hot sauce are my fav breakfast food too. Sometimes I will add apple sauce to change it up. I hate making salads too. I usually prep Jar Salads on Sunday for lunches for the week. That way its prepped and ready to go, and I only have to do it once a weekAnd prep up a crap ton of proteins so when hunger strikes, I hit up the protein first, and then if I am still hungry after, then I allow myself whatever it was I wanted as a snack (I almost always don't want the thing I thought I wanted after I have some protein). All the best. Keep working on healthy habits that work for you!


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