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I meant to do this post right after the NYC trip but I definitely forgot.   But nonetheless it is Wednesday after all and I am feeling wordy tonight, so let's go with this.
Here is my honest review of the outfits we wore:

Travel Outfits:

I travelled there in my Smash and Tess romper and sleeveless Aritzia duster.  Super comfy for travel but also super awkward getting completely naked in a small airplane bathroom....  I travelled home in lulus, t-shirt and a hat and was apparently over taking pictures.

Daytime Style:

Mostly we all went for shorts and comfy tops for our adventures during the day.  The outfits had to be comfy because we needed to eat our way through lower Manhatten with all the food tours.

Jen and I were always colour twinning while Kyla was the rogue triplet in floral

I think mom was trying to prove here that she could pull off the two purse and two watch look.   Also, there are cats on her shoes.
This was my comfiest outfit
Comfy outfit in action, having a hotdog outside of the Natural History Museum.  Side note, I discovered that one of mom's talents is talking while we try to take pictures.  
Kyla wore the cutest long black dress one day- I believe it's from Aritzia.  Also, you can see she has brought in her purple Marc Jacobs she purchased on shopping day.
I guess I wear a lot of camo?  We fixed mom's sock situation shortly after this stop.

I would also like to point out all the Birkenstocks.  Kyla, Jen and I only wore our Birks during the day with all the crazy walking and we survived.   I could definitely use another colour and style......

Show Style:

I packed 4 dresses and a pair of nude ballerina flats.  All my dresses were either black or blue and could go with my cognac purse and nude flats.  I funned them up with accessories.

The floral sister in the Jessakae dress that we both have.

Lastly- I always pack my slippers when travelling, because there's nothing better than cuddling up with breakfast in bed with cozy feet.

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  1. You packed well for your trip, comfy and cozy but stylish! That camo dress is so cute on you! Next time I go to NYC I am doing a food tour, that sounds like so much fun!

  2. I always pack my slippers too! The camo dress is my favorite, so chic and comfy, well, that's a perfect combo!

  3. So fun to see not only what you wore but what your family members wore, too! I think your camo dress look is my fave!

  4. Now you need an after fashion purchase from all the purchases!

  5. I love all your camo and I want to go to NYC with you guys!

  6. You packed well my friend. That dress that is plaid is so dang cute! You're mom is cute.


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