TBB Asks: June


The first Monday of the month is here and with summer holidays oh so close, we're talking all things summer loving on the TBB ASKS for the month.  Come link up with us on the Blended Blog.

Now on to my answers to a bunch of random questions:

1. Walk or Bike- I wish I could say bike but we don't do it that often being on an acreage...which makes no sense, bikes work on gravel roads. I do walk daily- the old pups need their exercise.
2. Fave Pic Nic Food- I don't do picnics.  I do do campfires and my fave food is le hot dog.
3. Pool or Lake? I was just commenting to my neighbour, bestie and walking buddy, Candace that I love where we live because it feels like we're always at the lake.  Especially after it rains and the smell of fresh overpowers you.  Pair that with having a pool in the backyard and the ability to bonfire whenever you like- my backyard is my summer oasis.  Now I just have to learn how to chop wood.  Or not.  My lumberjack husband is pretty sexy these days.

4. Fave Ice Cream- meh.  Ice Cream isn't my go-to treat, but if you're taking me out anyway I would likely pick Cookies and Cream.
5. Cone or Dish? And it would definitely be in a waffle cone or waffledish.  There's really no other way.
6. Flip Flops or Slides? Barefoot? I have a random assortment of slides and flip flops but I mostly go barefoot around the yard.
7. Jean shorts or capris? This is the summer of me actually wearing (what I deem to be) short shorts.  Okay, they probably really aren't short (3 inch inseam) but they feel damn short to me.
The short short revolution.  Okay, they don't look that short now that I look at them.

8. Fave Summer Fruit? Obviously the Saskatoon Berry is my fave fruit, we grow them in abundance here and I make a killer pie.  Why don't you come over for a slice and see for yourself?

9. Corn on the Cob or Cut off the Cob? Off the cob is the only way to go unless someone can find me the recipe for the insanely delicious corn we had at a little resto in Nolita in NYC, because that was divine.
10. Fave Summertime Song?  Any old school jam works for me, but mostly Summertime by the Fresh Prince.
11. Fave Summer Activity? Sunset, Book, Beer and Clam and my deck. The end.

13. Bikini, tankini or one piece? I will wear any of those, depending on the company...lately I've been getting my suits from Cupshe.
14. Dresses or skirts? I love a good pencil skirt but I definitely gravitate towards dresses in the summer.
15. One word to describe summer? Pure Bliss.  Not long enough? Those are way more than one word.  Oops.


  1. Not long enough for sure!! You look so cute in your softball gear! I love that your wear your suits depending on the company, me too!

  2. Summertime is a great summer choice! Go you with the shorter shorts!

  3. I love the song Summertime!! It's my favorite!! Summer is never long enough.

  4. I’m a barefoot kinda girl, too, except when there are stickers! Ouch!! Maybe you’re fortunate enough to not have them where you live!

  5. Umm...that view from your porch!!!! That would make me happy every single day.

  6. 3" to 3.5" shorts are my go to, anything longer and I look so short...I'm up for tasting your pie in person...:)

  7. Your homemade pie sounds delicious! Lucky you having a beautiful oasis in your backyard - sounds summer time dreamy!

  8. You, me, Fresh Prince and hot dogs. Bring on summer!

  9. This post makes me want to move to Canada and be your neighbor. Your summer on the prairie is bliss.

  10. The view of your land is gorgeous. I'd be sitting on that patio every evening! Have a wonderful week!

  11. What is the Saskatoon berry? I want some!


Have a lovely day!

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