NYC 4: the one with all the museums


Saturday was free day, as in we didn't make any plans during the day so that we could see the things we missed during our busy food consumption days.  Top on our list were museums and Central Park, so of course, I made us a walking route that made most sense and after our last leisurely breakfast in bed the Plaza style, we headed out to take on more kilometres, which definitely had plenty of stops for ridiculous pictures, but also we had some cute outfits on, so one must document those things.

Outfit notes: the go-to shoe choice was Birkenstocks or Sketchers.  I did all my crazy walking days in my birks and they only started to annoy me on the last day.  Anyway.  Back to Central Park- it may have been the highlight of my trip and we didn't even get to see a large portion of it.  Isn't it amazing how you can keep coming back to a city and still find novel things to explore?

Our first museum was the Bloomingdale Outlet where Kyla found a pretty trenchcoat but didn't buy it.  Then we went to the Museum of Natural was underwhelming.  Everything was fake and it was really dark and hard to navigate.  I was unimpressed.   The hot dog after was great though!
The back of Kyla's shirt is my favourite- she bought it at Express.

We cut across Central Park to get to the Met but we weren't certain if we were actually going to go in.  Food was getting to be more important.  But I'm so glad we did and I really wish I could have spent more time.  We zipped in to see some Monet and Van Gogh- be still my heart and then we found the Fashion and the Catholic Church exhibit and holy moly was it amazing.  They had the scene set so perfectly with upbeat Gregorian Chants playing in a cathedral like setting.  Nothing like looking at some Versace being surrounded by awesome.

We cabbed over to Serendipity 3 for a late lunch (okay for the frozen hot chocolate) and while it took forever, I'm always happy when we eat there.

Our last museum stop was Bloomingdales where we looked at pretty shoes, contemplated watches and then got super tired and walked back to the hotel.

After some fancy and expensive drinks at the cocktail bar in the Plaza, we headed to our finale show.

We picked a staple as it was Jen's first real trip to the big apple and her first hurrah with musicals- so we went with Wicked.  You really can't go wrong there. The other one we were thinking of was Lion King.  I'm still singing Wicked songs, so that was a good pick- we also got an adult sippy cup for our wine, win win.

And that is that- our New York trip in 4 days.   If I were to pick a top 5 fave things that we did they would be the following:
1- Food Tour
2- the HighLine
3- Strolling through Central Park
4- Hamilton
5- Staying at the Plaza
Honorable mention: confirming the terms 'Park early' and 'Park pace' when referring to our necessity to be early for early and our ability to cruise through museums and malls all the while taking things in.

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Luckily for Sara and Kyla, I didn't blog when we went in 2008.


  1. So much fun packed into your trop. I really want to see wicked!

  2. I have to go back and read your other posts! I just took my daughter to NYC at the end of May. It was so fun. Some of your highlights were mine too - the High Line and walking in Central Park. I had never been to the city during the summer, so it was like a whole new experience!

  3. YAAAAS, living it up in NYC like a Boss!! Love the Camo and Wicked is one of my all times Favorites!! "....Because I knew you......" Ahhhh LOVE that you re LOVING LIFE and lIving it to the Fullest! xo


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