NYC 3: the one where we ate all the food again.


Friday = more food.
We booked our second food tour- the original Greenwich Village tour and prepared ourselves for the best of the best of mom and pop Italian shops.  The tour leaders for this company may also be the best part- our guy..Kurt I think was his name, was hilarious and made it feel like a culinary tour but also slightly historical with a comedic edge.

I loved strolling through a 'quieter' area and seeing the beautiful brownstones.  We also had a celebrity sighting- Robin Wright walked right by us while talking on her phone.   I had just taken a picture of the cute street and you can see her coming in the upper right corner in a beautiful chambray coat.  I also loved seeing the exterior of the building from Friends!

After 3 hours of walking, eating and learning, we slowly made our way up, stopping at Washington Square Park which was super busy.

and then cabbed it up to Rockfellar Centre to visit the Top of the Rock for some incredible views of the city.  67 floors up instead of the 86 for the Empire State.  I swear we took some normal pictures and not selfies of us taking selfies.....

 We were pooped out after that so we headed back to our hotel- getting distracted by shopping at Uniqlo for a little bit- to rest and then change for our Friday night show which was Mom's pick- My Fair Lady.  It was playing at the Lincoln Centre so it was quite a different path to perambulate en route- we strolled through Central Park to get there, stopping for a quick bite for some French Appies around the theatre.

I have never read Pygmalion (the play the musical and movie are based on), I also have never seen the movie My Fair Lady and barely knew any songs.  Kyla and Jen were all in a tizzy because apparently a lady who was in the musical also is in Game of Thrones and the main guy was in Downtown Abbey.  Also all shows I have never seen.

That was our Friday- too many great things to even pick a best!

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  1. You guys had the best trip to NYC - I'm so envious. And you had such great weather!


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