NYC 1: the one with all the food


I would divide our first day in NYC into three parts. 
The first part is the one with all the food.  We picked the Chelsea Food Tour to start our celebratory adventure on a good note.  Last time we were in NYC we did the Nolita tour and loved it so this was a no brainer.  You must try the Foods of NY tours if you get a chance.  By the end of the 3 hours we were stuffed, felt smarter from all we learned and had a pretty good grasp of the Meatpacking district.  I fell in love with the Chelsea Market- the style was so industrial and farmhousey that I kept wanting to take pieces home with me.  Also, it was pretty cool to learn that, Google, Youtube, and the Food Network were just some of the offices in the upstairs.

We ended the tour with a walk on the HighLine which was one of my new must-dos for this trip.  It's an old abandoned railway that they turned into a urban oasis...we walked the entire 2ish km and I loved every minute of it.  It was so cool to see New York from a different angle.

After our long day down in Chelsea eating everything, we headed back up to our hotel (we're staying at the Plaza) because Mom was DONE.  It was super hot out and we were all needing a little break and cold shower.  But right away we were out, getting a coffee at the Starbucks in Trump Tower (which to be very Canadian and honest with you, that was freaky with the machine gunned cops outside and bag scanners everywhere).  We got out as quickly as possible and made our way to Central Park, but then I got distracted and found a Burberry and tried on all the trenches.  Virginia wants a sister.  After our fashion show, we did a quick stroll through Central Park before heading back to the hotel to shower and get ready for our night out.

The musical tonight was my pick and I luckily found the coveted tickets to Hamilton.  I don't even know what to say about this show but holy shit.  I also can't say I have ever been in tears before during a musical.  Everything about it was amazing.  Plus, that was Jen's first Broadway show- what a way to start!  This is a must see if you ask me, which you haven't but whatever, I still think everyone should see it.

It's now 12:30am and I'm quickly finishing up some cyber while Mom sleeps next to me.  We have a fun day planned for's shopping day!


  1. GOOD EATS! Have fun shopping!! We had to buy another suitcase for our purchases when mom and I went to NYC!!

  2. I always love NYC! A food tour sounds like a great idea and I do want to see Hamilton! What a fabulous trip!

  3. Sooooooo much fun! I want to do a fun tour as well!! And Hamilton?! Holy!

  4. I wanted to see Hamilton, I tried to get tickets out by us, but it was a no go without spending a fortune, perhaps I should have just spend the fortune! Great day of eating!


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