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Today's topic on the Blended Blog is Summer BBQ or something like that, I may also be making that up and just felt like writing about food.  So there's that.  Nonetheless I am coming at you today with my top 5 very random favourite things to BBQ.

This post would be so much better if I actually had pictures to go with it because I've actually done all of them and probably have pictures kicking around somewhere.  Instead, I'm going to infuse this post with random photos of my weekend because I can.

1- Pineapple.  Add brown sugar and cinnamon and voilĂ  you have a divine dessert.  I actually made this this weekend and didn't take any pictures. Imagine that.  I also just normally grilled some pineapple (which is ananas in french and one of my favourite words) and put it on a BBQ spicy chicken burger. The spicy and sweet together was magnifique.  Also a french word.  See you're getting smarter just by reading this clusterhuck of knowledge post.

Not eating grilled pineapple here, instead I'm having my other favourite P word - popcorn (with dill pickle seasoning) and a Chelada. 
2- Romaine lettuce for a charbroiled caesar salad.  My go-to order when we eat at Rock Creek Grill in YXE.  I loved it so much that I started making it at home.  Key here is not burning the lettuce. Obvs.

These trees remind me of lettuce, so this picture will work here.  I would not, however eat a salad at brunch. Hello, bacon.

3- Pizzas.  Something about that smokey taste that makes me salivate just thinking of it.  I think I'll put this on our menu for this weekend.

This is our bunny, Clover- the non-dead one.  Spot is the one that died.  Clover LOVES lettuce, not pizza and probably would have been a better picture to put after the lettuce. Clover is still pretty damn cute though and is likely thinking I should make pizza this weekend.

4- Hot dogs...not so random and quite normal but they must make my list because they are my fave summer food.  You know it's been an unsuccessful week when you have to go allllll the way back to May 9th in the phone to find a hot dog picture.

5- Cedar Plank Salmon. I don't make this as often but I have way too many cedar planks sitting around meaning I should do it more often.

Remember when it was cool to plank?  Well man, I will take a plank over flossing anyday....the random dancing is driving me nutso.

Well that was an entirely random post that wasn't even fuelled by wine, which I know that's what you're asking, brother.  Nope, just too much sunshine and a love for life.

Happy Monday, people.  Next Monday is TBB Asks in case you want to participate, also how is it June already?


  1. Happy monday! A whole bunch of random fun in this post. Ive heard about the lettuce but yet to try it!

    1. It's definitely worth a try and requires zero skills.

  2. I've never heard of grilling lettuce. May have to try that, but knowing me, I'll burn it for sure!

  3. Grilled pineapple on a spicy burger sounds soooooo good - must try! Dill pickle seasoning for popcorn? Must have that as well, I swear I could eat an entire bag of dill pickle flavored chips!

  4. Okay, I am going to totally try the pineapple idea and let you know what I think of this. Another thing I learned from your post, other than speaking fluent French, is that I must go to Rock Creek and order this chard ceaser salad.


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