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Happy first Monday of May!  We're asking and answering questions today on the Blended Blog- come play along with us. I'm taking my own spin on these this month, relating them to my everyday.

1. Comedy or Drama? If we're talking my life it's mostly a comedy. I laugh a lot.  This weekend it was a mix of both as our bunny died and there were tons of tears.

2. Fiction or Non-Fiction? Some day I'd like to write a book and I think it would be a ficticious non-fiction.  Currently I'm reading a book my mother passed to me and I can't decide if it's either fiction or non-fiction and I'm too lazy to google it.  Have you read anything by Helene Hanff? I just finished this one and loved it.

3.  Movies at the theatre or home? I love going out with my girlfriends to the VIP theatre and having popcorn...so definitely in a theatre.  That may change with the new house though.  We'll see.

4. Musical or Play? Musical anyday!  We're off to NYC next month and I can't wait to take in some Broadway musicals...we have tickets to see My Fair Lady, Hamilton and Wicked.

5. Fave meal to eat out? Breakfast.  I love a solid egg benedict.

6. Fave book? Impossible question.  Like Fave book of my life or like fave book if I can only read one book again in my life? Too tough to answer because it all depends on my mood.  Right now, I would likely pick Fortune's Rocks by Anita Shreve.  I reread it every year.  I might also answer Outlander.

7. Game night? Yes, I love the idea but no because we never do it.

8. Fave Game to play outside? Softball! I have my first game in 4 years tonight...sadly my ball schedule worked out to be on the same nights as both my kids, so I will only get one of my own in in May.  

9. Fave TV series ever? Practically impossible to answer...the Office? Friends? Gilmore Girls?

10. Sitcoms growing up or now? Now because I didn't really watch much TV growing up...not until University.

11. Miniature Golf or Bowling? Neither. I'd rather not. So oooooO oOo boring.

12. Fave movie theatre candy? If I have to pick a candy then M&Ms but I'm 1005% a popcorn girl.

13. How do you like your popcorn? Well now you're making me hungry.  I like it with a glass of red, thank you.

14. 3D movies: HEELLLLL NO.  Those glasses are annoying AF.

15. Fave genre of books to read: I'm answering cookbooks because after all this popcorn talk I'm hungry.  



  1. Fun answers Deena, you are such an entertaining writer!

  2. ha!! With a glass of red is my fave way to have popcorn as well! SO sorry about your bunny, girlie :-(

  3. Good Luck tonight baller!!!! I’m so excited you’re going to NYC!!! Love love love broadway!! So so sorry about Bunny...Boo! Love you!

  4. Oh no! I'm so sorry about the bunny! And popcorn is ALWAYS best with wine.

  5. So sorry about your bunny. It's never easy losing a pet.

  6. I love it - cookbooks! No TV until University is amazing. I'm so sorry about the bunny. Hugs to you guys!

  7. oh no about the bunny... that's sad.
    I've never seen Wicked... or been to NYC - these are two of my life goals. no joke.
    I still haven't read Outlander... I was so close to downloading it but it's like a millions hours (audiobook)

  8. This was so fun to read! I hope you have fun in NYC I have never seen a Broadway show, but all the ones you are seeing are on my list!

  9. NYC will be so fun - and Hamilton? jealous!

  10. Yes to popcorn! Oh how I love thee! and lol to the wine with popcorn, yes to that too! and haha, to being too lazy too look up if the book you are reading is true, so something I would do.

  11. The 3D glasses are so annoying!!!! I remember Anya being so sad when she was little because she hated the glasses but wanted to watch the movie so bad. I also hate that they just make simple movies 3D when they would be just as good left alone. Rant done. I was so excited to see your IG post about playing ball again. Enjoy, even if it's just here and there.


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