Spring Shoes. Kinda.


I'm posting my shoe want list for the spring on the Blended Blog (here) as I haven't really added to my fun shoe collection for summer for awhile.  I have a good assortment of ballerina flats that I tend to always wear but they starting to show their wear.

But lately there are some fun things going on with kids in music festival and such that I find myself reaching for the fun dress and shoes.  I finally styled these Frye wedges that I got last year in NYC at the Bloomingdale's outlet.   Normally I would gravitate to a black shoe when wearing a black dress, but I decided to be bold and wear the cognac coloured shoe and was quite proud of myself. 

Really, what I'm trying to get good at is putting on something that makes me feel good all day- because when I feel good then it radiates through to my energy, n'est-ce pas?

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  1. I had that same calisto grey wedge pair that Schaeffer told me to recommended a few years ago. I just put it in the giveaway pile as I haven't worn in it two springs/summers :-)

  2. I finally organized all my shoes in clear boxes and labeled them which has really helped me focus in stead of just grabbing the first pair! Good for you for mixing it up and wearing cognac with a black dress!

  3. So for whatever reason, my school blocks TBB (SUCH inappropriate content HA). But when I saw the picture of my shoes pop up on my reader this morning I thought, "Cute shoes!...Oh...that's me!" HAHAHA. Clearly this venti coffee is not doing enough to clear my brain. Thanks for featuring me!

  4. Shoes are my weakness...that's for sure!! I love that you went outside your box. Next thing we know, you'll be sporting red ones with that dress!!!

  5. I agree, when you feel good about how you are dressed you exude confidence that you might not have if you didn't feel good about yourself. I need some more balerina flats. I have 2 pairs and wear them to death.

  6. Adore those wedges you hot babe you!

  7. This is such a fun dress and yes the shoes work beautifully! Good choice.

  8. This outfit is so pretty. Let's go shoe shopping together.

  9. Shoes are my weakness! Seriously I have a healthy addiction to shoe shopping and I'm ok with that. I love this dress on you :)

  10. You are certainty radiant in that photograph. You have so many shoes!!!! I am stunned. LOL.


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